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A must for any action game fan!

GeckoCox | Sept. 23, 2013 | Review of Sleeping Dogs - PC

A highly underrated game and one of the best looking in recent years (especially in rainy,night scenes),Sleeping Dogs is pretty much a Hong Kong version of GTA with many of the same elements. You play as loveable badass Wei Shei,both as an officer and undercover cop in a story packed with high speed chases in awesome cars and other vehicles,shoot out's,gang related activity,hacking equipment,drug busts and other random things like singing karaoke haha. There is a large focus on hand to hand combat,especially earlier on in the game. The story is great as is everything in between,with the soundtrack and surrounding world making you feel like you're actually in Hong Kong. As much as I love this game,after completing the campaign,the side missions can get somewhat monotonous as there is just so many of them and they're all pretty much the same after a while. This isn't a game breaker though as you can choose to just not do them (If you're not after achievements) and they do add a large chunk of extra gameplay If you enjoy them. DLC wise,I recommend the item's packs as they give you a big advantage in the game money/purchasing wise and equipment wise (better car's for race challenges and outfits that reduce damage etc.). Story DLC wise,If you got sick of the side missions I mentioned earlier,they're not really necessary as they are pretty much just more of the same in-game one's. Good If you want to add a few extra hours of content though. Overall,It's a must purchase for action fans and one of my new favourite games.


It's all about the story and journey!

GeckoCox | Sept. 11, 2013 | Review of Spec Ops the Line - PC

I've seen some pretty bad reviews about this game,but having played the demo and liking it I decided to take a punt after seeing it on special. After finishing it,I can honestly say this is a great game. Pretty impressive graphics,awesome storyline that actually makes you feel guilty and immersed in the game,different scenario's depending on the choices you make,good main characters and the mechanics/feeling/sound fx of shooting the gun's feels really nice. The game for me is slightly unoptimised with a well known stutter through out which thankfully isn't during key moments and the cover/vault system is fussy and could've done with improvement. All in all,I will be playing this game through again because I enjoyed it that much and to unlock the relatively easy trophies and to see what happens when I make different choices.


Next-gen quality!

GeckoCox | Sept. 11, 2013 | Review of Remember Me NA Post - PC

This game completely took me by suprise at how good it really is,so glad I took a punt on it! The graphics and look of the game are so beautiful,the gameplay is sleek and the combat has a really good feel to it...similar to games like Ninja Gaiden where it's close,fast and furious. Even with this similarity though it maintains a innovative uniqueness that is a nice change to the same old concept for games. I really enjoyed the storyline and the ability to remix peoples memories with different outcomes based on what you choose is awesome. To me,this is what a "next-gen" game should look and feel it!


Exceeded my expectations,glad I purchased it!

GeckoCox | Sept. 8, 2013 | Review of Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army Overflow 1 - PC

Good fun! Standalone from Sniper Elite 2,has bullet cam which can be toggled for less/more frequency or off all together. Nice graphics with eerie,war-torn surroundings. Uses the same sort of system as online co-op games like Left For Dead 2,fight through hordes of different types of zombies (with bosses) until you get to a safehouse and resupply...can also be played single player. There are collectibles like gold to be found throughout. There is no realism to the sniper rifles like bullet trajectory etc.,just point and shoot but you get other various weapon's too like assault rifles,shotgun's,pistol's and explosives. No stealth either as some might have expected,It's more fast paced gameplay. Delivered more than I expected,definitely worth a purchase.