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A fable for both mature and young players

Geloriko | Sept. 19, 2013 | Review of Brothers A tale of Two Sons - PC

This is a really nice story with beautiful graphics and nice characters. Controlling brothers is a bit tricky at the beginning but I got used to it, even though I was playing with keyboard. I thought that they picked best pictures as promo screens, but now I can say that the whole world looks very beautiful. The story is very nice but maybe a little too short. On the other hand, how long would they have to travel for the cure? The only thing I didn't like were the puzzles. I'm not a fan of adventure games because I always can't find a way to get on with some riddles. In Brothers all of the puzzles were very easy. A little more difficult puzzles would be better, but again - on the other hand, you go on and on with the story and you really want to finish it... P.S.: I feel guilt about that ball in the well...