Reviews by Generic_Dude


New Vegas is Less new then just an expansion

Generic_Dude | Sept. 12, 2013 | Review of Fallout New Vegas Nexway - PC

Fallout New Vegas is feels to me like a great big bundle of mods, it neither strays far from the old formula of Fallout 3 nor does it try anything new. In-fact it has taken away for me much of what made Fallout 3 so special and trys way too hard to be the previous game. The game is based on the old and lets be honest here, way past its expiration date engine which built Fallout 3. I usually dont like picking on the graphics when a game has good features but it just feels sloppy. There is very few graphical improvements here and what could have been a beautiful walk through New Vegas city (or whats left of it) was washed out brown and boring. The visuals just feel lazy and unpolished and to me is a reflection of the overall game. Gameplay is almost exactly the same as the previous game VATS remains unchanged, the shooting feels a little floaty but serviceable. There is still the creepy dialogue encounters and for the most part all the quests are serviceable. The additions are some gambling which feels like a nice fit into the Fallout universe and generally works well, although with luck boosted up to 10 they are essentially ATM machines and are less fun and more of an exploit. The iron sites are a nice edition to improving the combat system. The map is much smaller then the Fallout 3 map and while that can be argued that it creates a more concentrated and reactive world i just felt confined and to be honest i feel like the rate of encounters were about the same as Fallout 3 and unfortunately lacked those amazing set pieces and beautifully desolate landscapes which was served in spades in the previous fallout. Now im not saying Fallout New Vegas isnt a good game, it is actually quite fun, but its more of an expansion pack on old content rather then a new game which can stand on its own two feat. For someone who has never played fallout before or who hasnt played Fallout 3, this game is still an excellent purchase though it lacks the magic of the original and epic story and climax of the original.


Epic strategy of Politics, Intrigue and Warefare!

Generic_Dude | Sept. 8, 2013 | Review of Crusader Kings II Collection - PC

This collection is a gem and i would strongly encourage anyone who enjoys an in depth strategy game with meaningful decisions and consequences to look into buying this pack, especially if its on sale. If diving into intrigue and managing a kingdom from such small details as your fourth daughters wedding for a political advancement or secretly plotting to have your son take over as king by having the current one assassinated sounds like your type of game well your in for a treat. The game does have a steep learning curve and a fairly average tutorial however after watching any of the multitude of youtube tutorial videos you should be ready to rule over what ever subjects you may have at the start of the game. This is also not a game for people who like fast paced action and lots of warefare or a AAA level of graphical quality. While you can and will wage war or quell rebellions these are expensive processes and you wont be at war all the time however there is enough going on to keep you occupied with out the inclusion of constant warefare. Though warefare isnt why in my opinion you should be looking at this game, its for the story that it generates, its political intrigue and massive scale planning that you take part in. If you want a province then marry into it, fabricate a claim or if they are unlucky enough to have the wrong religion then launch a holy crusade. The shear amount of choices and strategic play is amazing. Lay on top all the DLC and the updates which have come out for this and you have a game thick with choices. To anyone who likes an in depth strategy game or is watching A Game of Thrones thinking wouldn't it be interesting to be able to take part in all that intrigue and back stabbing this pack is an easy buy. In fact there is a great A Game of Thrones mod (as well as a multitude of other mods) if your interested in the show. So all in all i would give this an 85/100 because of its great choices and indepth strategy. An amazing system of characters each with their own traits containing strengths and weaknesses as well as a huge variety of DLC and expansion packs which only adds more depth into the game.