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BF4- Fun as all hell, buts that's no surprise is it?

Genericllama | Nov. 2, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 4 NA (1) - PC

Having played bf3 a lot, i knew i would instantly enjoy BF4. It has all the same awesome features but more refined and better set up. The Maps - 8/10 Still not completely balanced for 64 player servers, with that being said 32/48 servers play fantastic especially on rush. The Vehicles - 8-10 All of them are awesome. At game launch, it was a little unbalanced but that's because no engineers had rocket unlocks. As of now, its balancing out and they all play well except the RCB boat which is extremely overpowered and the little bird being very underpowered. The Soldiers - 10/10 Although I'm not fond of the battlepack system, they implement gun customization extremely well and i always find myself surprised at what set ups people have when i pick up their class. Graphics 9/10 I have a lower end machine so i play on medium/low graphics, i have however played on ultra on the rigs of my good friends and i can honestly say it looks gorgeous. The destruction phys x really give depth to what's an "accessible" path and what isn't (thank you c4 recon gods). Even on the lower settings it still looks great and plays well. Stability- 6.5/10 As of currently, many players are experiencing crashing issues. Whether it's caused my memory leaks/weak server hosting, it's a hassle. The upside is that this will eventually solve itself with updates (atleast in theory). If your game crashes mid match, you lose the progress and ribbons unlike BF3 where you only lost your ribbons. Final Thoughts I play this game with a full squad of close friends, it makes the experience 100X more enjoyable by far. That's not to say that it isn't fun alone because it is. The game is a bit expensive but considering it's a new title its understandable. Having per-purchased this with the 20% coupon, i felt it was a good deal especially since (the pre-purchase only) included the "China Rising" dlc (and that i don't especially want to purchase premium until it gets in the 20/25$ range) Side note: Game uses Origin, I'm not especially fond of the client but its a small price to pay to enjoy a fun game with my good mates. Overall - 85/100


Civilization..... a time vacuum of fun.

Genericllama | Sept. 7, 2013 | Review of Civilization Pack - PC

I love Civ 5, it stole too many hours from my recent life. When the announcement of brave new world had hit and it was in pre-order sale, i had to get it. i'm glad to see a full pack for sale because often when you play online, someone may be missing a few small dlcs or that one expansion you have. This causes a problem (for me) in which i may not be able to play the game that i was "expecting" to play. The fact that people can purchase everything all in one shot might help push towards solving that problem and in all fairness, the dlcs are great. Gods and Kinds and Brave new world really give civ completed game style with no plot holes in the gameplay while the smaller dlcs add a few new civs and wonders which can really change the outcome of how you play. Cant say I've played much of the new scenarios, but that's only because I'm too busy spending my time playing all the other aspects of this game. If you like turn based strategy games, or want to try something out of your personal game "scope", Pick up this title.


The hitman absolution pack!

Genericllama | Sept. 7, 2013 | Review of Hitman Pack - PC

Ive purchased this pack from elsewhere prior to the deal arriving here(which is a shame because this deal is pretty sweet!). Firstly, 11 bucks alone justifies the purchase of Hitman Absolution. Its a quality made throwback to the series and executes what the initial three tried to create. It has all the same gameplay elements you've loved with the benefit of better graphics and cool small challenges (e.g beat the mission with never changing out of your suit). With that being said, having the other Hitmans included in this deal is just an absolute steal. I've spent hours in both blood money and silent assain and codename 47 was just a complete nostalgia ridden game run of which brought back many good memories. At it's current 75% off + those 20% coupons laying around.. It's easily recommended purchase in my books.


An amazing game - Better with friends

Genericllama | Aug. 18, 2013 | Review of Payday 2 4 Pack - PC

Having already sunk 50+ hours into this game since release, i can say that it`s an all around improvement from the original is every sense. Graphically, this game is nothing special when compared to triple A titles however when compared to it`s prequel its a notch up - More so in scale then is actual graphic quality however, when your trying to hit the FBI's server room while getting away with the coke bags in their evidence locker. The graphics don't seem so important. The team AI is a little on the weaker side, however since your looking at this 4-pack, i suppose that isn't an issue is it? Regardless, the game is better played with friends (or at least "pubbies" with microphones) but still a blast. Graphics 7.5 Gameplay 9 Music/SFX 9 Replayability 9 Well worth the purchase. - At the time of me writing this review, the game is currently 25% off. That + a 20% voucher implies that if you split this purchase with your mates... its an absolute STEAL. Buy it. Do it. (hell, contact me and ill gladly be your team's enforcer)


Unnecessary but helpfull

Genericllama | June 26, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Columbias Finest - PC

This DLC lets you start with 500 extra in-game coins and 5 lockpicks which can really make a huge diffrence. The weapons are also very strong and help you through some oft he harder earlier missions. I wouldn't recommend this DLC unless you have a few bucks laying around, however you'd be better off getting the season pass. I wish they would have added some new vigors.


LOVE defcon

Genericllama | Oct. 5, 2012 | Review of Defcon Everybody Dies - PC

I use to play this awhile back with two friends, had some extremely fun games. Its kind of like Real-time Civilization with the "i want to screw over this person" factor of any Mario Party. Cant believe its only 50 cents!. The bad : Your not given a steam key - not a problem for most:only bugs me personally The good: If you download the demo on steam, load it up and input the key GreenmanGaming give you into the Authentication spot. It will work as the full version and still be within steam even if steam see's it initially as only the demo. Great game, would recommend it for anyone with at least two friends who want to have some fun