Reviews by Ghostbacks


Them Chills !

Ghostbacks | Nov. 8, 2014 | Review of Condemned Criminal Origins STEAM - PC

Condemned: Criminal Origins is psychological horror at it's best. The atmosphere of this game is very chilling and dark which makes you perpetually watching your back throughout the game and till the end. This is the sort of stuff that makes clothing store mannequins menacing. Worth it !


Nice Top Down ; Tower Defence.

Ghostbacks | July 1, 2014 | Review of Super Sanctum TD - PC

Sanctum 2 is a perfect example of how to keep a tower defense game interesting in 2013. Even though Super Sanctum TD has a top-down view and does not include a protagonist, you still feel like you are playing something else than a simple flash game. The fact that you decide where you place foundations is most likely the biggest difference compared to other tower defense games. Some people are saying that the update in December 2013 changed the game, but that didn't stop me from buying the game. After a few hours I have to say I don't know what they are talking about. This game is not super-easy, it's challenging, but it should be.


Best fighting game on the PC.

Ghostbacks | July 1, 2014 | Review of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition - PC

As an avid Street Fighter 4 player, I consider this game to be one of the best fighting games currently available. Not only the character roster great, comprised of 30+ old and new fighters from the series to date, but so is the sophisticated combo system that is both easy to pick up yet difficult to master. I wasn’t particularly a fan of SF4’s visual style and initially reluctant to try the game because of it, yet I’ve grown to appreciate the unique look and feel of each characters and stages that the developers faithfully recreated in this title. Like many similar games in the genre, SSF4 was initially released on console systems and then ported over to PC. Luckily, the developer Capcom has done an amazing job, implementing number of customization options for PC, such as support for greater than 30fps and multiple resolutions including 1080p. In addition, the game also supports many controllers out of the box including XBOX 360 controller and numerous fightsticks. Outside of Games for Windows Live, game runs smoothly and the loading time is relatively short, so there isn’t much for me to complain about this quality port. Although brief single player portion of the game is quite good, the multiplayer is where this game truly shines. Thanks to its improved netcode, finding multiplayer matches are quick and reliable. Built-in match setups work consistently for the most part and despite it missing my favorite “championship mode” from a previous title, both ranked and endless mode keep the game interesting and fun. I really like the replay / save feature as well, which helped me to capture and savor those favorite character match ups over the years. Super Street Fighter 4 definitely isn’t perfect and the game isn’t groundbreaking enough to likely persuade those of you who aren’t interested in fighting games. If you hold even a little preference over the genre though, this is good as any place to start. I wholeheartedly recommend this to both casual onlookers and fighting game fans.



Ghostbacks | July 1, 2014 | Review of Mafia II Overflow - PC

Rich story line, beautiful graphics and a great game. The mechanics and controls are easy to use and really the game is just fun. Unfortunately there is no free ride option to just explore the city and do what you want as the story line is linear, but you can always find time before starting a mission or at the end to go and mess around in this giant gorgeous city in the 40's or 50's.