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Finally a new typing of the dead!

GigaPudding | Oct. 30, 2013 | Review of SEGA Halloween Title - PC

Typing of the dead is a great and fun way to learn to type fast and accurate. The first typing of the dead game was pretty much the same as this one and it was absolutely brilliant and worthy of getting the maximum rating, this game however is not as good as its predecessor even though it's still pretty enjoyable. You get to type through several zombie and mutant filled levels which are rather short but the game actually encourages the player to improve their typing skills and so the game has quite good replayability. The not so good thing about the game is that there is no training mode and challenges focused on keys and words you are not good with. Instead of training and challenges three minigames are present to test your typing further and the original rail shooting mode is also present if you ever get tired of typing. The graphics are actually the last thing you'll notice while typing the dead off but it should be noted that the game doesn't quite look as a 2013 game so if you're heavy on graphics then consider yourself warned. On the brightside the game's not very demanding on hardware. The little story the game has is heavily stylized to look like seventies grindhouse movies and the recent Robert Rodriguez movies which might spoil the game a little for some players who don't particularly enjoy the borderline overcheesiness all over the game. Overall it's a very entertaining game and an enjoyable learning tool as well. Even though it's lacking a lot compared to its predecessor there are supposedly some dlcs on the way to hopefully add more challenges and training modes and a multiplayer mode to the game.