Reviews by Giltonnam


Amazing stealth game

Giltonnam | April 27, 2013 | Review of Dishonored Nextway - PC

A great stealth game with a great atmosphere and and fun game mechanics. Combat in this game is more tactical in that you have limited resources (mana, spell points) so you have to be more strategic on how you want to play each playthrough. The mana doesn't respawn fully (just enough to cast the basic ability) so you'll need to buy mana potions (can only hold 10 at a time) if you want to cast costly spells. The weapons are satisfying to use and in combination with many other game mechanics (sprinting/sliding) you can set up on-the-run traps/ambushes able to take out many enemies at once. This game's story isn't told directly to you like in other games so you must read journals/notes/listen to audio logs and piece together what exactly is happening in the world. Not all game mechanics work well such as putting out light sources since the game is set in a world where they use fluorescent lights that have no possible way of turning off. The game is rather short story/chapter wise (many re-used areas) but the game makes up for it by making each area open-world and having to be strategic on tool selection (weapon/magic) it has high re-playability.


Solid MMO

Giltonnam | April 27, 2013 | Review of Guild Wars 2 Digital Edition NA (1) - PC

This game is a very solid PvP focused MMO. It adds an active dodge mechanic to the game that you must activate in order to dodge (compared to other MMOs where it's pure chance whether you dodge or not) that will avoid all damage from all sources for the duration of the doge (usually 1-2 seconds long). Who your realm/server fights in PvP changes every week they swap around servers so to prevent everyone moving to just 1 server because it always dominates Realm v Realm PvP. It's removed the annoyance of playing the PvE portion with friends who are lower level than you because the game will lower your level to a zone's level range if you're higher than it. Each zone has public quests/events that everyone can participate in and get xp and loot. To learn your attacks you just use a certain weapon/weapon combo to learn the abilities useable with those weapons (instead of going to a trainer and paying them to learn abilities). The game overall is very solid. Great art style, refreshing PvE and PvP mechanics, and decent story (based on your race).


Awesome JRPG

Giltonnam | April 27, 2013 | Review of The Last Remnant - PC

If you enjoy JRPGs and Squad based combat I highly recommend this game (Also, highly recommend using a controller with this game!). It can be very daunting at first with all of the information/mechanics the game presents you at first but you will quickly learn that there is very little of the information you can manually act on. This game isn't a typical JRPG where the higher you level the easier the game gets, instead the higher you level the tougher the game gets (and you don't get any stronger). I've played 100 hours in it personally and taking a short break before I play it again in New Game+ mode. The game is beautiful, although some dislike the story I personally liked it (quite fresh from the typical Japanese story). There are some downsides to this game. Namely the sheer lack of customization you get beyond your main character and how long the combat can last later on (also, no explanation on what some game aspects do/seem to have no influence).