Reviews by Gishank


Great game, though with a somewhat linear story.

Gishank | March 29, 2013 | Review of BioShock Infinite Post - PC

Bioshock: Infinite like it's predecessors is a great game. It has a very gripping and meaty storyline. There are many mechanics that are clearly taken from it's predecessors, yet they blend seemlessly in to the world. Speaking of the world, it is VERY atmospheric and full of life. The only real negative point (without giving any spoilers) is that the storyline is rather linear and has very few choices of which have no real baring on what happens. Another negative point would be it requires you to listen to the various voxophones (collectables) scattered around the world if you want to truely understand what's going on. At any rate, it's still worth the current price GMG is selling it for.


No Tutorial, Graphically Ugly, Awkward UI, Controls feel clunky.

Gishank | May 8, 2012 | Review of Star Ruler - PC

I recently picked up Star Ruler when it was on sale, as I am a big fan of space games, especially those of the 4x genre and Star Ruler sounded highly promising. However after the rather concerning "quick" download (200mb game, in this day and age?) I launched it, I set all the graphics options to high and looked around for a tutorial, after some intensive browsing of the menus I couldn't find one. "Ok", I thought to myself, no biggy, I looked in to starting up a custom game but due to the vast amount of configurable options (which are a good thing, when they don't get in the way) I decided to use the quick start feature. The game quickly loaded and I was confronted with my rather bland looking planet... After a few minutes I finally figured out the UI enough to build myself a ship, I chose a cruiser, it spawned and the sense of scale was just silly. The cruiser was about 1/4 the size of my earth-like planet and looked as if someone had quickly thrown it together in blender for a 5 minute 'quickfix' job. Whilst I could go on forever about the issues in more detail, the title of the review gives a good tl;dr. Avoid this if you want a good X4 RTS.