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Good try but severely flawed

GodlikeKSoldier | Feb. 16, 2012 | Review of Jagged Alliance Back in Action - PC

This game had a lot of potential when I watched it in development, but they made some design decisions that went off the path of the original JA 2 that were poor ideas. The plan and go is quite a good system that is fun to use the problem falls with the non core to gameplay. Militia is a nightmare to deal with useless and horrible to use for me they almost single handedly ruined the game. Then there is the inventory system which is the biggest chore that just will annoy you to no end. The item system where you cannot repair anything, but your weapon is not a game breaker in anyway, but tends to be once again an annoying chore that persists all game forcing you to mule back and forth between battle and airport. Overall it had a lot of potential, but all the small problems build up to ruin the game experience causing me to put the game down and not want to return to it.