Reviews by Gosen


Great game, bad port

Gosen | Sept. 20, 2014 | Review of FINAL FANTASY IV - PC

Final Fantasy 4 was great when it has been released for the first time. Story, music and great characters made this game clearly better than previous games from the series. Unfortunately this is port from phones/DS which has new, ugly 3D graphics and completely unnecessary voice acting (without Japanese voices, again!). Probably for current generation of gamers it will be a chance to know this part of the series, but remember it lost it's true soul after so many changes. I would give 9, but due to bad port I dropped it to 7.



Gosen | June 20, 2014 | Review of Dragon Age 2 EU - PC

It's not a gad game, just first Dragon Age was nice surprise and expectations were higher that that. In terms of story maybe it's even better than Origins, but gameplay was made for casual players. Just clicking mouse our characters can own everything without sweat. It seems like game is not made without passion, but just for earning money. Lot of aspects are not made well and game seems somehow unfinished. Level design looks like copy&paste, there is no much diversity here. Character customization is also poorly done. There are not many choices and you have to play default race. Each story s the same, party's inventory is default and you can't change it. Anyway it still can be enjoyable game, but it's definitely not as good as first DA game, not to mention oldschool rpgs like Baldur's Gate.


It's not Baldur's Gate, but...

Gosen | June 20, 2014 | Review of Dragon Age Origins EU - PC

It must be said at the very beginning - it's not Baldur's Gate. Not in terms of plot, characters, difficulty or atmosphere. Yet it's very good, because it has concept of BG made in such way to please current generation of gamers without doing harm to older generation. It's well balanced game which in everything seems solid, but I couldn't get myself into main story, it was too cliche. Anyway game itself is something definitely unique, rare gem in nowadays rpgs, not perfect, yet resemble in many ways classic rpg from Baldur's era, but customization of main character is nothing complex in terms of class like in good old days.


Unncesary pack for a good game

Gosen | June 19, 2014 | Review of Child of Light Dark Aurora Pack - PC

Low price for a low completely unnecessary pack. It gives very small advantage at the beginning of the game, which using is of course optional but still somehow makes fell player like he would cheat. Also additional skin is something, which should be able to unlock in-game. It's only one average skin, just for main hero which is kind of disappointing. I feel like this pack is nothing but milking (even for such low price) and should be done differently or better, like bigger expansion with additional quests/maps or something. At least price is fair, like it should be for a "fairy" game.


Classic and dense

Gosen | June 18, 2014 | Review of Max Payne STEAM - PC

Criminal story with dense atmosphere. It starts like in Hitchcock's movie and then player has no choice but to start and continue this dark adventure. But only with that background game can't be good without at least solid gameplay. It's not that kind of game - gameplay is even better than this. One of the first games, which in character could use famous bullet time, and good lord, it's beautiful. Having in mind release date graphics and physics are outstanding. Shooting bad guys has never been so good in tpp game before. Unfortunately there are lot of shooting sequences so by time it could be boring, but surprisingly it's only for a while. It's so well done, that every time it's awesome anyway. Oldschool game with in a few places challenging difficulty level, dense plot and one of most famous video game heroes.


Be aware - it's not Tomb Raider

Gosen | June 18, 2014 | Review of Tomb Raider overflow 4 - PC

Young Lara, beginning of the legend with Yamatai-mondai in background. It all sounds good and feels great at first, but... It's just a game, I don't mind that all crazy stuff that happens, but if game tries to be deep and show some psychological and historical aspects it would be good if it has make sense. It doesn't here. First Lara cries about killing animal, first man, then she kills hundreds of human enemies and nothing. Also - it's Tomb Raider after all, so where are those Tombs? Shooting with bow and gameplay are nicely done, but what about Tombs? Just bonus locations with riddle level for 5 years old child? No, it's good game I admit it, but it's not TR anymore. Also, historical problem, Yamatai - origin of Japan, sounds cool, but... story falls apart after around half of the game. Absurds and strange things start to happen. Game started with deep problems, but ended with stupid effects for B class action-adventure movies. Except that I don't have a problem with this game, it's very good. Just if you expect riddles in the Tombs like it should have been done, forget it.


Dreams come true, but brain doesn't follow

Gosen | June 17, 2014 | Review of Kerbal Space Program - PC

This game made my dream come true. Finally flying from planets into space and backwards. Not to mention building spaceships with such a freedom. What a customization, what a great sandbox it is. It's even possible to make a plane and fly over the planet. Graphics is not bad, it has been improving over the months and having in mind that game contains entire solar system it would be hard to make graphics like in Crysis, but it is what is - fair enough. Unfortunately the game itself is hard and tutorials are somehow lacking. I couldn't do much in this game, barely escaping gravity of main planet and then drifting in space. I couldn't understand how to control rocket in space and how to get to any other planet or moon, not to mention building functional rocket itself is hard as hell. I would gladly welcome more explanations and tutorials in-game to have more fun from it, but other than that it is what I was always dreaming about (maybe a little easier than now) and keep in mind it has been still improving.


Milking great game

Gosen | June 16, 2014 | Review of Sleeping Dogs DLC collection (1) - PC

As Sleeping Dogs is great game itself, I ask myself a question if that crazy number of dlc is necessary. There are additional missions or small features like costumes in those packs. Sure, nice addition to a great game after someone finished the main story, but isn't it supposed to be in a full game or unblockables? Paying so much for it is matter of personal choice, it's problem of current game industry, even for a game like Sleeping Dogs it's not worth it's price, and it's the only problem, because quality of it isn't necessary bad. It is not great as main game, but it can still prolong the game and provide some fun, enriching virtual Hong Kong.


12, 13, 14...

Gosen | June 15, 2014 | Review of FIFA 14 Origin - PC

It's the same FIFA as always, nothing new expect horrible menus. If you have 13 there is nothing worth buying expect new roster. Not to mention it's not even ng FIFA, just old graphics with boring gameplay and some bugs. I would wait for ng FIFA15 rather than buying it. Career and online mode are fun, but it's definitely not the best football game ever made. There is only one new thing here - impact engine, which feels artificial and strange. Because of it there are lot of funny and strange situations. Could be annoying at it's definitely not polished yet as it was supposed to be.


Alfa version of football game

Gosen | June 15, 2014 | Review of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 - PC

Konami promises a lot every year, yet every year there is huge disappointment. This time they've fixed lack of league mode and added Europe League mode, even they've had license for it for a years. Number of stadiums is huge disappointment, not to mention some genius made San Siro and Giuseppe Meazza as two different arenas. Konami can't never beat EA in terms of license, but this year they've also lost rain. Having that all in mind I can't treat this game as a serious rival for FIFA. Even if animations and graphics are huge improvement, unfortunately gameplay itself is horrible as always. Konami has lost it, since PES6 they've made ton of bad Pro Evos and there is no sign of hope for a better times. You can't get into a game with few stadiums, few licensed teams and only one option of weather, maybe if this game was made in 90ties, but nowadays it's misunderstanding, more like alfa version than a full game. It's definitely bad times for a football games, there is no Sensible World of Soccer, there is no Kick-Off, there is no oldschool FIFA, there is no oldschool Winning Eleven, it's just same thing every year and Konami is not our hero to change that.


One of the best fps ever

Gosen | June 14, 2014 | Review of Far Cry 3 - PC

Surprisingly good plot, beautiful graphics, large islands, freedom and fauna in this game is combo I haven't seen in any game before. Shooting with guns, shooting with bow, planning attack on posts, hiding in a jungle, exploring, hunting, encounters with psychotic Vaas and two endings. This is new better Far Cry as you haven't seen before. Worth it's price, worth going to tropical Island for a trip and experience it for yourself. Great adventure, great game, just masterpiece. There is nothing bad in this game expect Ubisoft syndrome in variety of doable stuff. You won't forget and regret it.


Suprisngly good sand box

Gosen | June 14, 2014 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

This game looks awesome, has large map, where you have mountains, deserts, forests, cities and villages, just everything in one enormous zone. How you play this game - Forget about plot and spread chaos! Yes, you can destroy here lot of stuff, ride, fly or swim with lot of vehicles, move like a Spiderman with crazy gear and shoot everything you see. Just everything is possible, great sandbox, beautiful landscapes and CHAOS! Of course it's not rich in content as GTA and sometimes you can feel that there is nothing to do except destroying things, but come one - this CHAOS, this satisfaction, you can only feel it in this game. I would give 100, but plot and lot of empty space could be annoying, but in the end game is crazy and you have at least try it.


Action rpg which you haven't seen

Gosen | June 14, 2014 | Review of Fable The Lost Chapters - PC

Something new in a genre, something fresh with fluid gameplay and fable-style (lile titles says) graphics. Everything here is at least solid and even if game difficulty and moral choices aren't satisfying enough it's still very enjoyable game. You can interact with any people and flirt with them, have love affairs, kids, just a funny social stuff in a background to enrich the story in which your here is aging. You start as a kid and end as a old guy, what game make you see that kind of thing? Is it worth buying? Well, it's not a very deep game, but there is lot of fun. For such a low price of course, but you must remember that Anniverasy Edition with improved graphics will come to PC eventually.


Copy&Pase is not enough to make a good Batman game

Gosen | June 14, 2014 | Review of Batman Arkham Origins - PC

Huge disappointment. Everything we saw in previous game is here, but without soul to embrace it with such a joy. Voice actors has changed, plot is not interesting and game is boring as hell if we have enough Arkham City. There is no atmosphere here, just a solid game. I would stick with first two games and wait for 4th, which is made again by Remedy and even old voice actors are back. Personally I treat it like an average spin-off.


Classic reborn

Gosen | June 11, 2014 | Review of Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition - PC

My biggest problem with fighting games is fact, that I'm not good at it, so any hardcore game I try to play is like a uncrushable wall. Because of combos, AI difficulty, level of players online, etc. Here what I have is absolute classic fighting game and what I get it's perfectly balanced game. Everyone can experiment and make his/her own combo, everyone can actually do something here. It's just possible from the beginning after learning few basics to have fun and then slowly learning to make more advanced combos. Better player will always win, but new player won't blame entire world and the game itself, because he can't win online, can't win with AI, can't do anything, no - it's not that hardcore, yet it's not like mashing will help. Great story mode, different crazy challenges, fantastic roster with bloody fatalities, smooth animations and just great Mortal Kombat, probably the best in the series. Single player experience is perfect. Unfortunately net-code is not that good and experience from multilayer game could be very different. It's playable, but problems occur. Also controls are not done well, it's better to stick with AS or pad, because keyboard is very inconvenient (even if I prefer keyboard and don't like other controllers too much, here I have to admit that default PC controller is not well suited for this game). It's worth buying! Additional characters from consoles dlc included, indeed Komplete Edition.


Best FPS - it just is

Gosen | June 10, 2014 | Review of HalfLife 2 - PC

This is a FPS game, which has everything we love games for. Atmosphere, graphics, physics, puzzles, horror moments, shooting moments, great level design as well great gameplay itself. This game is perfect, there's everything, perfectly balanced fps. Maybe the plot is not clear enough, but gameplay alone provides so much that story is not even such important. Classic.


Nothing new, still perfect

Gosen | June 10, 2014 | Review of NBA 2K14 - PC

Best sport game series ever comes every year and also this year it dominates. There are minor improvements, so if someone has already 13 edition except new rooster there is nothing worth buying. Those kind of games should be made every 2-3 years, 2k14 should be more like DLC to 13 than a new game. Without older versions it's definitely worth buying, it's perfect in almost every possible way. Smooth gameplay, great atmosphere, great commentary, great realism, good physics, lot of options to make it even more realistic, just everything is in the right place. This year even few European teams arrived. You don't even have to like baseball, it's that great. Maybe only flaw is lack of national teams, but for now we have few European clubs and that number will grow in the next edition.


Average clone of Dark Souls 1

Gosen | June 7, 2014 | Review of Dark Souls II Post - PC

Poor port, average graphics and level design, generally lacking copy of Dark Souls 1. Not to mention quite high price for such a work. Nothing revolutionary except difficulty which is pretty high only because of number of enemies. Always attacking with 3-4, no chance to have a fair fight. Need lot of unnecessary patience and exterminate them one by one. In DS1 you had much stronger enemies, but at least you fought them alone, not with entire groups. Not to mention lack of any information where to go and what to do. Plus fact that even if you're hollow you can still be attacked by others, which is bothersome and impossible in most of cases, when your opponents are cheaters. Bosses are strange case. In one case you have easy ones, in other you have to fight cheap and pretty hard opponents, but all of them can be easily beaten with other players, which doesn't make any challenge at all (where is difficulty scaling?). It's still a nice game, which you can play hours and hours, but it lost it's magic, which first one had. Only for DS1 hardcore fans.


Overrated, but still good

Gosen | June 7, 2014 | Review of Final Fantasy VII - PC

It has been said a lot about this game.After years Square finally made a remake, which doesn't look any better than previous release, even music has no quality as original psx version. Graphics of characters was and is horrible, you can't get into game with Lego characters, sorry. Fortunately there is a mod who can fix it, as well as music, which after months is finally patched officially by Square. So before first launch if you have some patience game could look pretty good after few fixes. I don't like fact that first few long hours you can't get out of the city, which is unlikely comparing to other FF games. There is more text than actual gameplay here, so forget about any freedom, you stuck here for some time. The story is not great as many say, but it's generally ok, has some nice twists, but that's it. In terms of gameplay materia is a nice tool for customization characters. It wasn't a bad idea, unfortunately game is not challenging at all expect bonus bosses, who are at the other hand extremely difficult. Price is probably too high for such an old game without anything new. Only for people who haven't already played (if there are such) it. Then it's probably worth to see for yourself what's this all fuss is about.


Different than others

Gosen | June 6, 2014 | Review of Final Fantasy VIII - PC

This game has specific mechanics, which is pretty controversial. Tedious and bothersome drawing system could be a problem to get into it and focus on story, but apart from that the game has interesting plot, beautiful graphics (as for psx era) and music. The last one is unfortunately not fixed to psx original files, so pc midi files must be replaced by mod to enjoy full potential of those magnificent pieces. New release of this game adds only boost system, which helps avoid draw system at the start but it's nothing more than cheat which really doesn't solve anything. VIII is something different than classic Final Fantasy games. World seems more authentic, also thanks to actually explained lore in in-game encyclopedia, which helps in immersion. For instance protagonist gains money not from monsters but from salary and he is not some random here who is sent to save the world, but one of the students in mercenary school. He has to take tests, go to missions, etc. Definitely worth trying, but new release is actually nothing worth buying for those who already own it. Also have in mind that game mechanics require patience and understanding, when first encountered.


Average game with lacking port

Gosen | May 28, 2014 | Review of FINAL FANTASY III (1) - PC

FF3 was never great as 4, 6 or 10. Also graphics has been changed to 3D, which isn't necessary good for everyone, not to mention lack of original language and touchscreen like menus, which look horrible on PC. This release doesn't encourage players to buy it, because of it's quite high price and fact this port doesn't grant anything new. Someone who launches game for the first time could feel cheated seeing beautiful intro, yet in-game graphics doesn't look anything like it.