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Western FPS at tis best

Grafos | Aug. 14, 2014 | Review of Call of Juarez Bound in Blood - PC

This is such an entertaining title, the characters are fun, the story is interesting, gameplay is varied, atmosphere, music and sfx are up there. The graphics are still more than good despite being a 2009 game. Gameplay is varied and well executed. All in all, you are missing out if you don't play this.


Arcade Racing fans should not miss this

Grafos | Nov. 21, 2013 | Review of Sonic and SEGA AllStars Racing Transformed - PC

This game is a lot of fun. The presentation is very polished, from the menu screens, to graphics to music and sound. Level design is also excellent, with varied tracks full of inventive traps and obstacles. It reminded me somehow the good old Power Drift racing game by Sega, being equally loud and fun. On the minus side of things, skirmishing opponents doesn't seem to impact the outcome of the race as much as it should. Also, control setup was buggy on my system. It wouldn't recognise my Logitech Nascar racing wheel. My Attack3 joystick it did recognise but my cart was auto-reversing. Redifininf keys on either the joystick or the keyboard didn't work. I ended up playing with a keyboard, kinda hard when on air. Because these issues might be system specific, I won't take away too many points.


Good but could be great

Grafos | Feb. 25, 2013 | Review of The Lord of the Rings War in the North - PC

This game has a lot going for it. Good graphics and soundtrack, solid atmosphere/voice-acting, fun co-op play. True, it's a bit repetitive but, that's the case with most modern action games. There are some RPG elements it reminds me a bit of Diablo II in that respect, nothing too deep or complex, just enough to add variety to the gameplay. On the minus side of things, I find the game to be far too forgiving in normal mode. Every time I am closed to beating the bucket, my AI companions will come to the rescue and restore my full health. All I have to do is run for cover. Normal feels more like "easy mode" to me. Also, the action is somewhat sporadic, the battlefields are mostly like differently skinned arenas with enemies just thrown at you in hordes. Still lots of fun and definitely recommended.



Grafos | Jan. 31, 2013 | Review of SkyDrift - PC

This game is the racing game I always wanted to make! The gameplay is fast, exciting and well balanced. The visuals are stunning! Level design is very well thought out. Music/sound very atmospheric. There is not a huge variety of power ups, but they are varied enough to make the game even more exciting. The controls are excellent too. It works well with the keyboard, but it really rocks with on my Logitech Attack 3. This is purely for speed lovers. If you like spending hours before your race start, to tune your vehicle, buy parts (even buy a house and furniture in some racers), stay away. This in some ways, some really good ways, is old school racing. Just grab your vehicle of choice and GO! There is a large variety of beautifully designed vehicles to choose and unlock, with different features/characteristics anyway. This game is the closest I've felt to being in an actual Star Wars style pod racing! I need to play this in 3D!


Great Platformer

Grafos | Dec. 17, 2012 | Review of Trine - PC

Trine take elements from classic platform games of the 8/16 bit era and combines them with stunning visuals, atmospheric music,some original game mechanics and a very capable physics engine that does not just serve as eye candy for a change. The characters are likable and fun and there is a lot of creativity and variety on the puzzles / ways to get out of a situation. I am nitpicking, but it would be good if there was some sort of separation between the background and the foreground, the background as incredible as it looks tends to be overly busy.