Reviews by Grandey


Fantastic game

Grandey | Feb. 9, 2014 | Review of Grand Theft Auto IV Steam - PC

This is a fantastic game! Both the campaign and the multiplayer is fun. Driving around in the city like a normal civilian, racing around the city or escaping the cops, there is tons of things to do in this game after you have finished the story. I've played this game for over 100 hours, and I still love to just drive around like all of the AI's do. I promise you, when you get tired of what the singleplayer has to offer (which might take you about 100, if not more, like it did to me!) you can try online gameplay. Play with random people or with your friends, if not both! Setup races, drive away from the cops and more! The multiplayer will bring you more than 100 hours of fun! If both the singleplayer and the multiplayer are getting boring, try modding the game! Again, 100+ hours of gameplay. Become a police-man, or Iron Man, if you so choose to! There are alot of things to do both in the ''vanilla'' / unmodded version of the game, and after you have modded it. This is a game that is really worth buying! You will not regret your purchase. Who needs GTA V when you got this game, right? Well, GTA V would be a great game, if we, the PC-gamers had it. But the modding community shows how much you can do with this game. An example is the Los Santos (from GTA V) made for GTA IV! If GTA V won't come to the PC, the modders will bring it to GTA IV. Again, it shows how good of a franchise this has become, and how much you can do to the base game if you know what you are doing. I never get tired of this game! As I have said earlier, I have played over 100 hours of this game, my rating deserves the same. You don't see me handing out top-score any often! Rockstar, you know how to make games. Buy it, buy it now!


Fun as always, but a few flaws

Grandey | Feb. 9, 2014 | Review of Call of Duty Ghosts - PC

This game is great. I've played quite a few Call of Duty games in the past, and I've really been enjoying this one to the max! Ghosts comes with a new engine that allows for dynamic changes in multiplayer maps, which is a cool, new feature that makes this year's game a little differnet from the others. The multiplayer also features alot of fun maps, new killstreaks and good weapon-balance, in my opinion. Not to speak about the new camos, and the cool weapon reload-animations. Ghosts reminds me of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, a loved game in the franchise. This is a good thing, a few of the MW2 elements are in this game, and it is making the game even better. There is one flaw, that I've uncovered. The games is poorly optimized for PC-gamers. Even with an GTX 680 superclocked, the game may lag (on max graphics) in a few of the maps. (Don't worry, I've even played it on a laptop, with worse specs, it does not lag more, so don't be afraid to buy it because of this.) Other than the lack of optimization for the PC this is a game worth buying. Each time I play this it really reminds me of MW2.