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Lives up to the legacy of the original

GreatRumbler | Aug. 27, 2011 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

After the disappointment of the Invisible War, fans of the Deus Ex were rightly worried about how the series would fair in a brand-new set of hands. But now that the finished product has finally launched, those fears have unequivocally been put to rest. Human Revolution not only lives up to the legacy of Deus Ex, it expands on it and sets a new high water mark for the series. Human Revolution provides a great stealth game with decent, if not entirely great, enemy AI that makes sneaking through high-tech facilities and crumbling urban landscapes a fun experience, aided by a slew of different weapons and tools. Also returning are the various augmentations that can make you a silent assassin or hacking wiz, it's all up to you how you want to evolve your character. And that's the basic idea of Human Revolution. If you want to run into a room, guns blazing, you can. If you want to sneak through, using force only when absolutely necessary, you can. The game doesn't force you to play one way or another. This openness shows itself the most in the hub areas, chunks of two cities [Detroit and Hengsha] that give you free roam to explore as you please and pick up sidequests for profit and loot. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is one of the finest RPGs I've played so far this year [giving The Witcher 2 some stiff competition] and a great experience that immerses the player in a scifi world that often seems like it might not be so far fetched.