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One hell of an online experience when you are deep into the maps

GreenDog | Dec. 23, 2012 | Review of Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stalingrad - PC

This is the best online WWII game I have ever played. Not really into the single player part but the online is incredible. I'll just relate one map here, Pavlov's House, and it isn't even my favorite one -- As a Russian engineer I'm pinned down by machine gun fire behind some sandbags at the front edge of our lines. It has taken me minutes to work up here and in the process three of us had to clear a building of two Germans with a grenade and small arms. Both were killed there not by those Germans but by the mg on the roof across the field. The Germans have a MG34 on the rooftop edge of a shelled building. It is relentlessly suppressing our movement to get to the next row of buildings we have to clear to win the map. Bullets had just ripped through one wall on the cleared house and killed the squad leader who threw a smoke grenade out of the window to let me get this far under cover of the smoke. Then I hear on team-speak that our sniper has picked the MG off after working his way to the attic of Pavlov's House. I turn to look up at him and from my prone position and see him and a anti-tank rifle guy next to him firing at an unseen Panzer in the field a hundred meters away from me. I haven't been spotted by it yet. They manage to kill the tank commander in his hatch with the AT rifle but in the next few seconds the German Panzer IV sends a high explosive shell into the attic blowing them to bits and sending a smashed body and debris four stories down. Several troops on our side rush to the row of buildings to my left and get cut down by an artillery strike that lands at the edge of the building. Bad timing for us! Debris flies as a streetcar ticket booth is torn apart. I burst out of cover and run towards the tank, making a flying leap into a trench. Crouching, I work closer to the tank as it decides to head my way. It pulls up 40 feet from me and opens fire on one of our T-34 tanks that pulls up a couple hundred meters behind me. The turret comes off of it as the Panzer nails it three times in a row and it explodes. Our tankers couldn't see through the smoke from the artillery and the Panzer had the drop on them. I'm stuck, pinned down. Every time I bring my head up to try to find a path to the tank, bullets hit all around the lip of the trench from very close. I decide to pull the fuze on one of my two satchel charges and pitch it as close to the tank as possible but it is far too short to damage it. Wham! it goes off and the ground shakes with a message in the top corner of the screen after a couple seconds delay that an enemy was blown up. That must have been who was peppering the edge of the trench. We have just minutes to capture the last row of buildings but the tank is now covering that approach with cannon and MG fire. I decide to wait until the mg fire stops. They must be changing ammo belts - time to go! I pull out one of my two small hand thrown shaped charge grenades and climb out of the trench to run directly at it. The tanks main gun is aimed directly at me but the mg doesn't fire! I run and toss the AT grenade and dive to cover. It explodes on the edge of the tank but it survives. It backs up and moves off to the left. Good, I can track it behind cover because it is smoking heavily. I hear impacts from another antitank rifle hitting it but as before the attic of Pavlov's House explodes in a few seconds from another tank round. Soon the match ends. I wait until there is a lull in firing again from the tank, get up and sprint to more cover near the tank, run around it pull out my satchel, pull the fuze igniter, and not quite get it tossed onto the tanks rear engine grill as I'm blasted by two Germans running up unseen to me behind it. I fall in a heap, the screen fading to black. Still the satchel fuse burns right beside the tank as the tank starts to back over it. I see the message show up in the corner of the screen a few seconds later that the vehicle was killed and a couple others. The rest of the team takes the last German row of buildings in the next minute as I'm working my way up to the next re-spawned German tank. What atmosphere - what action! This happened in a few short minutes - love this game!