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Truly amazing

Gregis | Sept. 10, 2013 | Review of Dishonored Steam - PC

Very easily one of the best stealth games of the last decade. Everything is polished and well done. The stealth is great, although it has a few 'realism issues' (poking your head around a corner, yet remaining invisible for gameplay reasons). What really drives the stealth home is that it's entirely first person. As great as Deus Ex: Human Revolution was, one thing that really detracted from its stealth was that you latch to walls, and when you do so, it goes into third person. They did it well enough that it was still very satisfying, but you can't beat the immersion of Dishonored's stealth. You can't see over most set-pieces, so it ends up feeling as if you're actually hiding behind that dumpster or under that table, because you're not sure what's happening on the other side. Another great addition that few, if any other stealth games have is supernatural abilities. The stealth is great if you want to play it realistically, but there's something magical (pun intended) about being able to blink from lamp post to ledge and roof to roof, straight over a guard's head. And who doesn't want to summon up a swarm of plague rats to devour a couple religious zealots, leaving nothing behind but a bloodstain? And even if stealth isn't your cup of tea, Dishonored still boasts great combat. It equips you with a sword in one hand and your choice of quite a few gadgets in the other. You can fire a crossbow bolt into an opponents chest, throwing him off balance, and leaving him open to a critical chop of your blade. You can drop a grenade at your feet and stop time, giving yourself a few seconds to get out of the blast radius, and then- BOOM! The possibilities are endless. All that in addition to an enthralling world and a great conspiracy story (and some sweet DLC) makes this game truly deserving of a 95. The only reason it's not a perfect 100 is because of a few bugs that, to be honest, I never got, but somebody I know did. I pre-ordered it for $40, and it was worth every penny. There's no excuse to not get it now that it has dropped in price, and goes on sale as much as it does.