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Best Survival Horror in Years

Grenadeh | April 11, 2014 | Review of Dead Space Origin - PC

Dead Space is what companies should look to when they want to make a survival horror game. While RE4 allegedly revitalized the genre, Dead Space took the RE4 formula and actually did it right. The story makes sense, whether or not you can draw comparisons to popular science fiction and horror (Event Horizon, Aliens, The Thing, System Shock 2 obviously) unlike Resident Evil at this point. The sound design is absolutely phenomenal and will do more to scare you than the game itself. On top of that, Visceral Games excels at environmental design so every last area you go in will seem natural, and the environment will do plenty to sell you on the story - not to mention it's pitch black in most areas unless you cheat and turn up your brightness. Gameplay is pretty close to the RE4 formula - going so far as to let you upgrade your suit and weapons and buy stuff at convenient stores, but with a focus on "strategic dismemberment" meaning you can and will need to aim correctly at enemies of different types to do the most damage and have the most fun. There are two flaws with the PC version of this game: It does not have achievements on either Steam or Origin, and the other flaw is with the game itself. Just like RE4, once you are able to upgrade your guns and abilities to a certain extent, the game no longer remains difficult and thus is no longer scary. For that flaw - which makes the game more of an action horror shooter - and for that flaw alone, the game doesn't deserve a perfect score.