Reviews by GreyFox9260


The pleasant surprise!

GreyFox9260 | Nov. 5, 2013 | Review of Metal Gear Solid Rising Revengeance - PlayStation 3

With this hack and slash entry style to the metal gear series wasnt a great idea in my mind for the series and a huge fan, but surprisingly it was very enjoyable and still give you that feeling that you were a true boos in those epic moments and boss fights with the freedom of playing the game in a totally whacky do it yourself way or by sticking to the code, not harming a soul and completing it it a stupidly fast time. The soundtrack itself is so awesome! Going from the orchestra in previous games to the fast thrashing guitar in this fits so well with this style and will leave you playing moments again and again to listen to those awesome tracks. I believe it fits in with the story perfectly and clearly explains it. To start with it is alittle bit tricky to get your head around it and to get use to how it plays but once you are absorbed into the game you will be mastering it in no time. Must buy but do play the entire series!


Good Third Bat

GreyFox9260 | Nov. 5, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham Origins - PC

As its obvious, every batman geek/fan has been waiting for this game, especially me! I hadnt really actually read much into this gae before hand and so was going into it rather blind but straight from the start it was a nice surprise, the appearance of the many DC characters and the detail to each one was rather magnificent. The combat flow is what it was in arkham city and feels very smooth alone with a few new tricks now and there which is shocking 'hehe'. With the game now after the first day of story bugs being patched in most cases it is pretty flawless along with a nice multiplayer, for me I love the concept they have brought in in this game but for me, games seem to be rather full of lag and not sure if thats on my half but even still its so much fun to play. With all that said the graphics are amazing with crystal clear audio making it drag you into the game, never wanting to stop and always telling yourself to play just 5 more minutes.