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One of the better Lego Titles.

GuardianOfSouls | Oct. 23, 2015 | Review of LEGO Marvel Superheroes NA - PC

A fun open-world along with great tie-ins to the movies. A large roster with the same solid Lego gameplay you will be familiar with if you have played any of the dozens of titles in the main lego movie series. The story is worth the playthrough and is quite funny, especially with the addition of voice acting that was not available in earlier Lego games. After or before you finish the story missions you can run, fly, and jump your way through an open-world with many mini-games and secrets to find. The best of the recent Lego movie tie in games.


Good for end game players.

GuardianOfSouls | Oct. 23, 2015 | Review of Borderlands 2 Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2 - PC

New loot and a few new fights for those that are into endgame runs and boss raids. If you simply enjoy playing through the main story and do not wish to run for loot on bosses over and over, this is not for you. It will not add anything special for you as getting to the new level cap is moot. You have already played all the content. This DLC is about upping the difficulty and getting new loot, not much else.


High risk/high reward mechanics

GuardianOfSouls | Oct. 23, 2015 | Review of XCOMEnemy Within - PC

The new abilities and units you can research and build are expensive but devastating if taken care of. These new units will make the older teams obsolete but you will have to be extra careful in keeping these soldiers alive as the new resources can be hard to come by. Once you get a few fully upgraded it is well worth the risk of investing so much into so few soldiers as they become extremely powerful. The new missions and new enemy human faction are a welcome edition with several fun easter eggs built into their gameplay if you look for them. Highly recommended for anyone that enjoyed the base Enemy Unknown, a good expansion that adds a lot more to the game.


Educational and fun for anyone who can read and write.

GuardianOfSouls | Oct. 23, 2015 | Review of Scribblenauts Unmasked A DC Comics Adventure NA (1) - PC

Great game for kids if a little esoteric. Pretty much the only real negative about this game is the knowledge you need to have about the DC universe in order to play the game. Most of it can be picked up by paying attention as you play along but it makes it a tougher game at times. Writing whatever you want in the world is great fun and highly recommended for anyone who wants a simple and fun puzzle game. It is an especially great tool for teaching your kids about concepts and spelling. If choosing between Unmasked and Unlimited I would go with unlimited but this is still a fun game and worth it.


A decent edition to the genre.

GuardianOfSouls | Oct. 23, 2015 | Review of Remember Me NA Post - PC

A decent game through and through with familiar gameplay if you have played any of the Arkham series games. It isn't the best at anything it does but it is good. Annoyingly long boss fights and some laughably bad dialogue are the only poor takeaways from an otherwise enjoyable experience whose memory manipulation mechanic in limited parts of the story is a lot of fun and one can spend quite a bit of time just to see how the memory will unfold with the various options and changes you can make.


The best Civilization expansion ever.

GuardianOfSouls | Oct. 23, 2015 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization Beyond Earth RISING TIDE - PC

No Civilization expansion upgrades the base game more than Rising Tide does or drastically change the core gameplay. Now, Beyond Earth did require additions more than most Civilizations games do but where most expansions in the series simply add new Civilizations/Sponsors along with a new mechanic, Rising Tide changes existing mechanics and completely revamps others giving it more separation from Civilization V and coming into its own. You still get four additional Civilizations/Sponsors along with a few new map Biomes. I would have enjoyed them adding a scenario or two but unfortunately they did not. From new upgrade abilities, new units, new aliens, more diverse biomes, and a completely new personality and diplomacy currency system, the game takes some of the best ideas from previous Civilization games and makes them their own. The inclusion of aquatic cities adds a new twist on the gameplay and completely changes how water is approached and what areas are valuable on a given map. A must buy for any Beyond Earth owner.


Good setting, solid 4x gameplay.

GuardianOfSouls | Oct. 23, 2015 | Review of Civilization Beyond Earth - PC

The major complaints people have about this game are the lack of personality and the price. I'll put aside the price as that is a value issue each people have to deal with on their own. In regards to personality it lacks the connection you have with Civilizations in say Civilization V. The sponsors are just there, you don't learn much about them, you don't have the natural connection you would have if they were "France, Germany, America, Russia" etc. Though several of the sponsors represent those areas the feel of it isn't the same. This could have been fixed with a bit more presentation in story as the game revolves around the idea of leaving Earth due to an event known as the "Great Mistake" but it never explains what that is exactly. There is a lack of presentation in the game that doesn't help matters including not showing the end result of your game. The game simply ends with a paragraph about the victory condition. You have to go into the main menu after the game and look up your score, replay and data on how the game ended. Now with that out of the way, the gameplay is good and it is distinctly different than Civilization V regardless of people claiming it is just a skin or an expansion. It uses the same engine yes and the same style, however the research system, diplomacy system and world mechanics are not the same. The aliens do not play as the barbarians and the miasma that hurts your units changes the early game considerably from the main series of Civilization. The game lacks a bit of soul, but it has enough interesting systems and new victory conditions that is an entertaining departure if it does feel a little unfinished. Best played with the Rising Tide expansion.


Technically more to do but not as good as Guardian Of Light.

GuardianOfSouls | Oct. 23, 2015 | Review of Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris - PC

A solid follow up to the nice surprise that was Guardian Of Light. Unfortunately the tombs and puzzle gameplay isn't quite as good as Guardian Of Light. Still a good three quarter overheard action RPG that has a decent amount of game time out of it if you decide to do everything. The gameplay is fairly good the visuals are as good as you can expect from the genre and the story is passable. Just ignore the awful voice acting and dialogue. This game is about adventuring and challenges. The standout feature of this game versus Guardian of light is how the puzzles change depending on how many people you play with. If you play single-player the puzzle tombs are different than playing two player co-op and again different for each additional player making it fun to go back and see how things change with more players. The matchmaking makes it simple enough to find random people to play with and that diversity greatly increases the replay value of the game.


Decent when on sale - does not include all current DLC.

GuardianOfSouls | Oct. 23, 2015 | Review of LARA CROFT AND THE TEMPLE OF OSIRIS Season Pass - PC

For me the season pass is really about the additional tombs/levels you get to play in co-op and single-player. There are cosmetics and a few items included but you find enough items playing the game that it isn't really required. The additional tombs are fun and a decent length, slightly more challenging than some of the tombs included in the main game. One thing to note is the season pass does not include all the current DLC available for the game. The Deus EX and Legend packs are sold separately.


Decent shooter, bit generic, entertaining enough story.

GuardianOfSouls | Oct. 23, 2015 | Review of Spec Ops The Line Overflow - PC

All in all a decent game, it doesn't do anything better than great games in the genre but it combines elements of various games to create a solid product. The story is thought provoking and entertaining. It thankfully doesn't overstay its welcome through the five to seven hours it will take you to play through it. If you want a linear, fairly straight forward simple modern war shooter this isn't a bad choice. Don't expect the world though, it is a solid title with decent mechanics and gameplay; not among the best games in the genre but highly playable.


Fun shooter with lots of nostalgia.

GuardianOfSouls | Oct. 23, 2015 | Review of Wolfenstein The Old Blood - PC

From great visuals to over the top gunplay Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is a welcome game in any FPS player's library. Easter eggs that bring you back to the original Wolf 3D will bring a smile to the face of anyone who played the original while growing up. The game is about five to six hours long depending on your speed, difficulty and your style of play. You can try and stealth through sections or straight up shoot your way through. There are other challenges and secrets to explore if you wish to be a completionist and add a few hours to the game. Highly recommended if you are a fan of Doom, Wolfenstein or any fast paced shooter.


Good mix of new and old.

GuardianOfSouls | Oct. 23, 2015 | Review of Worms Clan Wars - PC

Worms, the game that never really gets old and still going strong. Keeping old mechanics in place as well as adding new, fairly seamless additions to the series. The gameplay is as solid as ever and they did a great job mixing 3D with 2D as well has having some fun animated backgrounds. Simple game that is hard to master but a lot of fun getting there. Even without friends for local co-op, PVP, online multi-player it is a still great experience. One of the better games in the series especially with Steam workshop support and lots of customization for your worms team.


Decent but not great FIFA

GuardianOfSouls | Oct. 23, 2015 | Review of FIFA 16 - PC

A decent experience with a much better release on PC than FIFA 15. Unfortunately the passing system is poor and holds back the game. The new long pass is a welcome edition but the passing power and accuracy of medium passes is terrible which has a big effect on the gameplay. The inclusion of women to the game is great as the women's sides play differently than the men's making it feel like an additional game mode. Training players via mini-games in career is welcome addition as are a few quality of life changes to Ultimate team along with the Draft mode which can be fun but overly expensive to enter. Another negative is you cannot make custom set pieces anymore or use team practice mode. My overall score is based on the amount of options, teams, and modes available along with the gameplay which holds down the score.


Worth it.

GuardianOfSouls | July 22, 2013 | Review of Sanctum 2 Season Pass - PC

Usually, I am against these season passes. This would be the exception. It is adding on to an inexpensive game that gives you many hours simply to complete it without even adding the idea of replayability. With the support the developers have put in this game and the way they listen to the complaints and make changes, this is a great way to support them while getting even more content. So far there has only been one DLC released but it is a good one and has added a new character for people to try that gives more dynamics to each map that already exists, as well as new and future content. I can't wait for the next DLC!


A worthy sequel.

GuardianOfSouls | July 22, 2013 | Review of Sanctum 2 - PC

When this game first came out, I was nervous about some of the directions they took. Originally, you had to manually pick up your resources after each wave, cutting into your preparation time. Thankfully, Coffee Stain has listened to the complaints and has removed that from the game and adding many things. It is also consistently being patched and having any issues resolved. On the gameplay side it is all you would love from Sanctum with more. If you are new to the franchise, this is a FPS tower defense game with enemies that will attack you if you stand in their way. Almost every mechanic in normal tower defense games are represented, except with the twist that you are part of the action. This is a fantastic series that really inspired games like Dungeon Defenders, Orcs Must Die 2, and other hits of the genre. Graphically, it is very light on the requirements and runs will with decent enough visuals and silky smooth gameplay. Don't expect Battlefield 3, but Mass Effect 3 is in the ball park visually. Best of all, it has great matchmaking and it is easy to meet friends and play with existing ones!


Great game, but flawed.

GuardianOfSouls | July 22, 2013 | Review of FIFA 13 NA Origin - PC

This game is very much focused around Ultimate Team. A card system that allows you to earn coins to build a team of your choice. It is well maintained and fun offline and online. However, this comes at a cost unfortunately. Several bugs that existing in FIFA 12 persist, including career save game corruption. And several of the career leagues do not have the correct FIFA rule sets. IE: MLS does not have a limit for how many foreign players you can use in FIFA 13. The gameplay is otherwise superb and the skill games are a great way to learn how to play the game. EA also curates the game throughout the year with challenges based on real events that happen during the season as well as tournaments (offline and online) to simulate some of the major events during the season. You can also track your favourite team and play their games of the week. On the graphics side of things, the only major change from FIFA 12 is the restoration of proper windowed support. You will definitely need a controller to play this game properly and once you have one, I will see you on the pitch!


The game that might have saved the series.

GuardianOfSouls | April 27, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider Legend - PC

Though many people will probably point to the recent reboot as the saviour of the series, for me this was it. After a sub-par Tomb Raider 4, 5, and 6, it looked like this franchise was out of gas and about to end. But this game really redeemed it in my eyes and in the eyes of many. Classic Tomb Raider game-play with fun new quick-time action moments and decent enough graphics at the time. The story is good but leaves you wanting more as it leads you into its sequel: Tomb Raider Underworld. The only unfortunate thing now is you need to disable the Nvidia next-gen graphics options as they no longer work properly on most modern computers. (Some levels will work, others will crash) Xbox 360 controller or equivalent recommended.


Great fun! Especially with a friend.

GuardianOfSouls | April 27, 2013 | Review of Lara Croft And The Guardian of Light - PC

This game might not have a lot of replay value but it is a fair length and is fun up until it ends. However, if you are someone that enjoys going back and doing all the challenges there is still plenty of stuff to do after the story is over. The graphics are good for the style of game and the game play is fun. This is best played with a friend and I have played it online and in local co-op with friends and it is a great adventure. Simple but great fun! I recommend that you have an Xbox 360 Controller or equivalent to play.


Bringing you back to early RPGs with modern gameplay.

GuardianOfSouls | April 27, 2013 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Nexway (1) - PC

This game really brings me back to old RPGs like Betrayal At Krondor from the early 1990s where you had the freedom to move around the world and do what you want when you want. Of course, The Elder Scrolls series has been doing this since the late mid 1990s and it is good to see the tradition continue. The gameplay itself is probably its biggest flaw. The combat is overly simple and fairly unbalanced. (Magic for example is fairly weak) Thankfully, like almost anything in this game it can be fixed with mods. I recommend using the Nexus Mod Manager and the Nexus for your mods and to only use the Steam Workshop when absolutely necessary. (Some mods do not appear on the Nexus). This will ensure maximum compatibility. The graphics are decent but the size of the world will probably tax your computer. Again, there are mods to improve graphics and textures if desired. Though your character may not be voice acted like Mass Effect, it doesn't take away from the experience and in some places makes it really feel like your personal character. There is always more to do in the game and with mods you will be playing this for possibly hundreds of hours. (246 hours and counting on Steam)


One of the best sequels of all time.

GuardianOfSouls | April 27, 2013 | Review of Mass Effect 2 NA Origin - PC

A fantastic follow up to Mass Effect. They streamlined a few mechanics a bit far but overall it improves over the base of the series very well. The story is great and the difficulty levels are the real treat. The game is much better on Hardcore and Insanity than on other difficulties due to the change in shields, barriers, and etc that the enemies have. It really makes you use your squad intelligently.