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Pretty awesome.

GuitarWind45 | June 16, 2013 | Review of Ace Combat Assault Horizon Enhanced Edition NA - PC

Before I say anything, I have not played any previous Ace Combat games before, so this review will be unbiased and such. Right from the start, the game throws you into combat and I was caught off guard, but I had fun in the process. The combat in this game is really really fun with the new Dog Fight Mode. I cannot tell you how many times I shouted in triumph every time I blew someone up and saw their cutscene as they fly through the air helpless and full of bullet holes. The game's visuals are so beautiful, I love the lighting effects that the sun has on the atmosphere. The oil and shrapnel that hits the screen is so awesome, man. This is a man's game. This game is for those who want an arcade flight simulator. This game is in no way realistic at all... but it's fun. Just because a game is not realistic does not mean that the game is bad in any way. There's a reason we call it "game" instead of "life simulator". This game will give you hours of fun that are all well spent. Enjoy this game while you can, because I do not see a market for flight simulators anymore. Gameplay: Great Story: Generic Graphics: Gorgeous Sound: Eargasmic Replay value: Good enough for the price.