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Pretty Good

Guyver72 | Jan. 23, 2014 | Review of IREM Arcade Hits - PC

I finally picked this up, and while not's good. Lots of nostalgia here, which is why I rated so high. One thing: Play it with a gamepad. Playing with a keyboard and mouse is painful. As compatibility issues that other reviews have mentioned...the pad I used worked flawlessly. Use that, and every game should work fine.


Damn Good

Guyver72 | Oct. 2, 2013 | Review of Hard Reset - PC

Hard Reset is a single player Cyberpunk FPS by Polish indie developer, Flying Wild Hog. As most of my online friends may know, I buy a lot of cheap Steam games... and admittedly I bought this game during the Christmas 2011 sale for five dollars. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised. This is one polished FPS. Gameplay: This is pretty standard ol' skool FPS fare. One thing that did stand out which I felt was odd at first, is that there is no duck function. Being a Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat player, I often found myself trying to duck to get to certain areas, as well trying to avoid getting hit by enemies. There is a sprint function, which allows you to get away from enemies and to get to areas quickly. You play as Maj. James Fletcher, a boozy, down-on-his-luck employee of The Corporation. You have two weapons, a rifle and a plasma gun, both of which can be upgraded to allow alternate firing modes and functions via the game's money system, called N.A.N.O. bars. Your weapons, and other things, are upgraded at "terminals", also located in various areas. You can also find heath and ammo lying around... like I said, pretty standard. There is no quick-save feature, saving is done automatically at various points within a level and at the end of a level. Human interaction is very minimal, the city has been mostly overrun by the machines. The game does have environmental damage, and I must admit, blowing !@#%$ up puts a smirk on my face. You can also use this to your advantage, as enemies will be damaged by whatever bedlam you choose to unleash. This will come in very handy throughout the levels. I will say that this game is NOT easy... even on normal. There are some very frustrating areas, however this didn't seem to turn me away from the game. I often found myself thinking, "Hmmm... well what if I try it this way next time?" Sound: Most of the sound in Hard Rest consists of your basic city/urban elements, from the bleeps and blurps of neo-vending machines, to blaring police sirens, to ominous public service announcements providing advice for your "safety" and "well-being". The sounds of enemies adds a bit of survival horror to the game (at least in my opinion). The screeching, squeaking, and growling just lets you know that, "Awww @#@!!%#.... something is coming and it's going to try to kill me." Graphics: This is a DirectX 9 game, that being said... it looks amazing. From the huge spaceships hovering above, to the behemoth machines, it all looks really good. As with most newer games, there is a blood overlay on the screen when you take a hit... as well as a blur effect when you sprint. However, if either of these features annoy you, they can be disabled in the game's options. Conclusion: As any gamer worth his salt knows, the FPS genre is highly saturated. However, Hard Reset is definitely a gem, among many lumps of coal. You'd be hard pressed to find another game that looks this good and is this enjoyable, from start to finish. Kudos to Flying Wild Hog for creating a great game.