Reviews by H4ZD4M4N


Weird, but good.

H4ZD4M4N | Feb. 2, 2014 | Review of Super Meat Boy

This game is basically a fast-paced platformer. I enjoyed it and am still unlocking more characters and extras within the game.

Like most platformers, it can be very frustrating when you reach a bit you can't do but it's equally as satisfying when you finally get through it. The controls are very responsive and after each death you respawn very quickly which creates a very addictive experience. There will also be gore left behind from previous attempts which can help you navigate your way through the level.

There is a story of sorts, it's more a stereotype of platformers but with out of the ordinary characters. You won't really be paying too much attention to this.

Overall, this game is about the gameplay, the story is not really anything to rave about. That said, I enjoyed it and I think I will continue to enjoy it for a while longer.


Good for what it is

H4ZD4M4N | Jan. 31, 2014 | Review of FIFA 13

I think most people realise that with a new FIFA game, there won't be too many changes. The game in general is the same every year with some better graphics and engine features which qualify it's new release. But why fix something that isn't broken?

I bought this primarily to get back into the brilliant manager mode that I used to play on FIFA 05 on my PS2. I got into it instantly, I still recognise the features and gameplay from back then. If you are considering this game then I would say get it purely for this, it's always been my favourite part of the FIFA franchise.

Something I didn't recognise from way back then is the Ultimate Team feature. You can buy/sell virtual trading cards to build your team and this feature seems to be getting extremely popular.

Overall, it's almost the same FIFA you already know, but it's definitely worth the price for the improvements they have made.


Terrific Storytelling

H4ZD4M4N | Jan. 31, 2014 | Review of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a game is based purely on story, the development of the characters and the bonds you form with them.

I've never bought a game from Telltale Games before but seeing all the hype this particular title was getting along with me being a fan of the TV show anyway convinced me to give it a try. I am so glad I did.

The storytelling in this game is nothing short of a masterpiece. By the end you'll feel like you know these characters inside out and you'll be dying to know what happens to them next. You really become immersed in this world and that is what it's all about.

You'll have some very difficult decisions to make through this game - choices that will affect how the rest of your adventure pans out. It's this personalised feeling to your story which I think really solidifies it as one of my all time favourite games.

That being said, The Walking Dead is primarily an interactive story. I've heard people say they don't even consider it a game. There is the occasional puzzle to solve (they're usually pretty easy) and you're constantly making decisions and interacting with the characters throughout, but I can see why some people may want to see more from the gameplay side. Luckily for me, I'm not one of those people.

Overall, this game surprised me in the most magnificent way imaginable and I cannot recommend it enough. Buy it!


An unlikely addition!

H4ZD4M4N | Jan. 31, 2014 | Review of Worms Crazy Golf

This game is a bit of an odd addition to the Worms collection but now that I've played it I can say that it is actually a great casual game to load up when you're just wanting something to jump in and out of.

The golf mechanics are well done, I don't have any real complaints about them. There's a good amount of customisation too so you can go crazy with your worm.

This game also manages to keep the charm of all the other Worms games that we all love so much. It's funny all the way through and oh so satisfying when you manage to smack another worm in the face with an overcharged drive (or, you know, get the ball in the hole).

Overall, I'd recommend it to anyone who just wants a casual game or who is a fan of the Worms series. This game definitely has it's place in my collection.