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EXCELLENT DEAL with Season Pass

HKZonda | July 1, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 And Season Pass - PC

At the risk of being ignored right off the bat, I must admit the first game never hooked me. The style and heart was all there, but some mechanics just felt a bit out of place and I felt like the game dragged on in the early portions and the interesting moments were few and far between. I'm happy to say that this game no longer suffers from that. From the intro that once again wonderfully sets the tone, from the sense of humor that is much more prevalent throughout the game, to the finer handling of some of the controls I am finding that this game exceeds its predecessor in all that ways that tell you the developers were truly trying to make a great game and not just jump aboard the money train with a quick sequel. They've even gone out of their way to provide additional settings that most other developers seem to leave out. The field of view slider was a great addition to me because a bad FOV will set my head spinning within thirty minutes, but I've been able to play this game for hours at a time without any issue. The environments are beautiful and often a lot more detailed than you would expect to be, and I never find myself looking around trying to distinguish one portion of the game from another. While there seems to be some recycling from the original game (unless the bandits have been redone and they're just dead too quick for me to tell!) there is also a lot of new things to be seen, and some of the characters they introduce had me grinning on a fairly regular basis. But then I'm a sucker for well-placed sarcasm. The game itself is pure fun. A lot of the earlier mechanics are the same, but the special abilities and some of the talents feel a little more well thought out this time around instead of gimmicky. One addition that I've yet to make up my mind on yet is the bonuses you can unlock using the tokens you receive for completing in game achievements such as killing 50/100/etc of a monster, using 1000 bullets, etc. It certainly makes getting those achievements more exciting because now there is a tangible reward to it that you can use to boost your damage, shields, recharge timer, and a few other things -- but I wonder if after you pile the stats on for a while it starts to make the game far too easy. These bonuses apply to all of your characters, not just the character you unlocked in on, but the good news is that there is a way to disable it if you find it's making the game too easy for your taste. Also, for those of you like me who lived through the complete frustration of getting co-op to work in the first game, opening ports, fighting with Gamespy, and then getting dropped at random, I was extremely excited to see the ability to use steam for this purpose. It makes getting your party together so much easier and I am so glad that they went this route. They seem to have learned from all of their mistakes and the result is a truly fantastic game. If you liked the first game, consider this a great expansion. If you just couldn't get into the first game like me, you might still want to poke around. You might be surprised.


New IP New Horizon. Female lead? What's wrong with female lead!?

HKZonda | June 7, 2013 | Review of Remember Me NA Post - PC

Remember Me is a unique game, the atmosphere and the world are very artistic and unexpectedly rich in detail. Frankly speakin this is the first game coded with an UE engine that doesn't look like one, instead it's more of a Source. I just love the way the designers played with the 2D vectors/glitches effects/pixelization and mixed them all together to create a true Remember Me style. Some ppl may reference this game to Batman and Assassin's Creed, but I tell you this is not the case, there are much more to play/customizations during the combats and the platform parts are much less tedious than AS. So far I have finished Chapter 4 on highest difficulty, the boss fights for each chapter so far were very challenging, always new, thoughtful and well designed. I died a few times challenging each of them, but once you found their weaknesses and made a good combination of your character(Nilin)'s abilities, you will be amazed and amused. The bgm is incredible as well, especially for the parts where you are chased and fought the Zorns, that's just plain adrenaline rush. This game definitely worth its money. The only drawback is that there are nothing serious but small bugs (e.g. auto drop after climbing up the first edge/missing door/stuck in the cell) here and there, you just need to reload a checkpoint to get rid of them, and checkpoints are saved quite frequent automatically, so it doesnt matter much. This is so far the best game published by Capcom in recent years, GREAT GAME!