Reviews by HMKuk


Outstanding Graphical and Gameplay upgrade to the original

HMKuk | May 12, 2013 | Review of Medieval II Total War - PC

Medieval II is basically everything you could want from the sequel to Medieval. The gameplay is fantastic, controls are smooth and the visuals are an outstanding improvement. There is nothing not to like - unless you preferred the "chess piece" movement of the original which has been replaced with the Rome - Total War style dynamic movement. It's worth noting also that this is the most accessible of the series - the previous games are now too graphically outdated to be "pretty" and the newer games seem to assume an understanding of the mechanics of the Total War style. Pros : Accessible, gorgeous and strategically outstanding. Cons : None! Total War at its best


Excellent Medieval Combat

HMKuk | May 12, 2013 | Review of Chivalry Medieval Warfare NEW - PC

Visceral and bloody combat with a decent fighting mechanic. There are problems with hitboxes and so forth, but far less so than you might imagine - a lot of effort has obviously been put in to making Chivalry comfortably playable to newcomers to the genre of FPSlasher. The gamemodes are varied, but lengthy play will see the maps becoming a bit "groundhog day". Pros : Good Combat, satisfying mutliation, good selection of weapons. Cons : Glitchy movements occasionally, limited maps and gamemodes.


A combination of everything I want and Everything I hate

HMKuk | May 8, 2013 | Review of Dead Island - PC

Dead Island's first trailer was an excellent marketing plan - artistic, moving, enthralling and stimulating. I wanted to see how that game played and damn did I want to kill the zombies. In reality, Dead Island is an extremely good, well made, console FPS/Slasher with absolutely no artistic content or emotionally moving pieces beyond "A character dies." It handles like it was designed for consoles and ported poorly. PC players will find the controls lacking and the field of view limiting. It doesn't encourage different playthroughs or styles - Purna is absolutely intolerable to play. One guy can throw knifes at an extremely high rate and instantly kill anything but the toughest special enemies and have the thrown weapon instantly returned to his hand as his special attack. Purna gets six shots with a revolver with magic ammo that appears from nowhere. That's it. It was enjoyable, played with friends it is excellent - the gore is fantastic (if a bit too much at times), the zombies behave well and it can be a truly scary game at times. However, that trailer both hyped it up and ruined it. It simply doesn't have the charm or the art of storytelling that it did. Pros - Excellent Zombie behaviour, excellent zombie dismemberment, good weapon variety, good environments, good enemy variety, good balance - a player of 100 hours can die to a few zombies if they are unlucky just like a player 10mins in. Cons - No significantly moving or involving storyline ("Escape the island"), no real replayability, extremely limited use of firearms due to ammo limitations, console port controls and interface.