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X-COM is possibly the best franchise ever made. Ever.

HOPSKOTCH | Aug. 17, 2013 | Review of XCom Collection - PC

If turn-based tactical games are your thing, you probably learned to love them from playing the original X-COM games. If you're too young to remember them, I'm sorry to hear that. The dated graphics will probably turn you away before you get to experience what i would probably call the best squad based tactical games ever made. The First X-COM: UFO Defense is the one that started it all for me. Deep story, financing contracts with countries to fund your research and operations, spreading yourself across the globe to keep your funding going, researching alien gear to make your own better, Training your troops only to grieve when one dies, permanently. X-COM Terror from the Deep extends the same exact gameplay of UFO Defense, but underwater. Both are incredible games... The following sequels fell short of rekindling that love i felt... And then came X-COM: Enemy Unknown. I was worried, but they absolutely came through with a significantly more modern version of the original games that started it all for me. Better graphics, more enriching storylines, the same investment into your troops that really make you sorry you sent your best man into a death trap... The turn based tactical methodology is not for the FPS-Only loving crowd -- Grab the Bureau for that one. But if you even THINK this might be fun, you owe it to yourself to grab it. Tactics, strategy, base building, research, financing, troop upgrades, manufacturing... They all play a part in the long awaited true sequel to my favorite games ever.


Easily one of the best Action-RPG/FPS. Ever.

HOPSKOTCH | July 21, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Overflow 1 - PC

If you'd ever played the first borderlands, and loved it, you will hands down fall in love with it's sequel. Borderlands 2 expands on much of what made the initial Borderlands game great. They do a great job making you forget its cell-shaded graphics (i.e. "comic book style") and the stories, both optional and main story, are all so very entertaining. The NPC's are absolutely fantastic. It's easy to pick up, contains copious opportunities to loot, and nearly unlimited varying options for your weapons configurations that constantly has you guessing "should i upgrade this now, or wait until the next pickup... or store purchase?" which is never far around the corner. It's got a FANTASTIC co-op mechanic that is great to allow casual gameplay with friends, whether they are catching up to your level, right on par, or well over yours - you can all have fun together. BL 2 brings back the uber-fun driving features that make the monotony of traversing the fairly large maps fun and easy -- not to mention running over anything that moves is never a bad thing. The skill trees and character options make replay value pretty high here as well. You can enjoy a sufficient level of differences between your characters to keep it interesting while knowing that each and every character can still enjoy being able to blow anything to bits. Your gameplay style will be easily accommodated no matter who you choose to be. Short story: if you havent picked this up, why wait? If you like FPS with a lot of action with a bit of RPG and free-world driving thrown in, you will absolutely NOT be disappointed.