Reviews by HUNbullseye


I've gone emo

HUNbullseye | June 28, 2014 | Review of Brutal Legend - PC

A great idea, a good story, fantastic music and world design. I love everything except the game mechanics. Those i just hate. I'm not that into metal so it might be that the lack of on screen helps especially a map is the real authentic metal thing. But it made some of the missions especially the stage battles much more difficult and frustrating. I'm dissapointed in myself because i'm dissapointed in this game, but i am. I better stick with Tim's adventures.


Insanely fun insanity

HUNbullseye | June 19, 2014 | Review of Goat Simulator - PC

Let's face it, it is not a game. At least not yet. There are updates promised that makes it more than a fun little simulation. Up until that it is a bit short fun, with mediocre replayability. But still a really fun metagame kind of something. And always good for letting of steam in a 10-15 minute session, or trying out new workshopped goats. And seriously, look at that goat's neck!


The sequel curse strikes again

HUNbullseye | June 18, 2014 | Review of Sid Meiers Ace Patrol Pacific Skies - PC

They tried to pull a new theme onto the original, and it suffered from it a little. Only 2 nation pumped up to 4 party, the same animations for much faster planes, not the best. The only big change was the lack of repair between missions in a battle. That was challenging. Sometimes even frustrating. But it is still a fun little game that you should try if ever on sale.


Sid Meier's Indie

HUNbullseye | June 16, 2014 | Review of Ace Patrol - PC

It is not a 4X grand startegy as some people might had thought, for some myterious reason. If you can look past that "fault", it is a nice little tactical TBS game. Nothing too fancy, with maybe a little rough difficulty curve, especially with the – true to the fact – imbalance of different era planes. My biggest problem was the very few pre-rendered manouver animations that sometimes doesn't fit the needed angle of attack so it looks like WWI planes firing in Star Trek like arches. That was a little painfull to watch and maybe the main reason why i tried just one nation. Also the achievements are totally garbages lacking any ideas. Still, picking this up for a euro or two well worth it, not for the name but for the fun little game.


Big letdown

HUNbullseye | June 15, 2014 | Review of Murdered Soul Suspect - PC

One of my very few pre-orders. And the reason i should not preorder things. Good base idea killed with mediocre story, some cliche characters and mostly very dumb and lazy gameplay mechanics (half of the collectibles, reused NPCs, etc.). If you think Beyond wasn't good, because that is just an interactive movie, stay the heck away, since it is just as little gameplay (except the badly executed "big train action sequence" noone asked for), without good characters/actors and story. But you can posess a cat and even meow! That is some plus.