Reviews by HWatch06


Creepy. Great. Memorable.

HWatch06 | Dec. 13, 2014 | Review of The Evil Within - PC

The Evil Within is a good survival horror game that marks every chapter with a memorable event. You start the game off in a big mystery but soon discover the story as the game goes one. The gameplay is similar to the popular Resident Evil 4, it really does shine. The Evil Within does add its own touch though, through stealth and various environmental hazards that can be used for you or against you. The most memorable parts of The Evil Within are the enemies. There are lots of unique and interesting bad guys for you to shoot, punch, or run away from. These enemies are freaky and challenging and will creep you out for sure. Taken from Resident Evil 4 is the upgrade system. You can upgrade everything from your health, to sprint, to gun stock, damage and accuracy. The upgrade system is down well. The only thing that doesn't shine so well in this game is the New Game + mode. You can unlock more weapons but they have limited ammo and limited use. Overall the game is very well worth while. It has memorable events and a decent story that will drag you in.


Worthy Sequel.

HWatch06 | May 23, 2013 | Review of Metro Last Light Overflow - PC

I was excited for the game right when I heard about it, and it definitely delivers. The game-play is what you would expect if you played Metro 2033. But there are adding environments, situations and strategies to explore. The graphics are amazing. I actually upgraded my entire system specifically for this game and it was worth it. The story-line is well driven and keeps you very entertained. The game itself is very tense throughout, with a creepy atmosphere and detailed environments. It is a very linear, so don't expect tons of exploration, and the only other down-fall I can see is that there isn't much content after the campaign. If you were a fan of Metro 2033, then this is a must play. Metro Last Light is truly a worthy sequel.


Addicting Game.

HWatch06 | April 27, 2013 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown NA POST - PC

I love this game. I never played the other XCOM or anything but took a chance on this one. I was very pleased. The game is so much all in one. Combat is turned based and strategy is a must in this game. It is an amazing experience all around. The story is interesting but lacks a bit. The game really shines in its big picture setup. You are responsible for the world. That alone gets interesting throughout the game. Some decisions you make will be hard and make you have to sacrifice, but that's a little part of the entire experience of XCOM. The only issue I had was a few bugs that we're preventing me from completing certain objectives or having to restart the entire mission. I also wished there was more content. Once the game ended, I just wanted to continue playing more missions and challenging my skills. If they had added a challenge mode or something that would have made this an easy 9+. Overall the game is very good and you won't be disappointed. It is a must for strategy lovers of all kinds. I recommend this to anyone.


A well done addition to the series.

HWatch06 | April 27, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider Steam - PC

First off I am a huge Tomb Raider fan. Ever since Tomb Raider 1, I've been hooked on these game. Appropriately when I heard this was coming out I was a big worried about the changed. This game really works. The combat is fun, the story is interesting and keeps you locked in. I really enjoyed the new upgrade system added for weapon and ability upgrades. The game balances action with old school tomb raider puzzles perfectly. Its a good fresh addition to the entire series and if you are a tomb raider fan this is an absolute must. The multiplayer isn't anything to extraordinary but it is a nice addition to the overall content of the game. Don't go into this for the mp though. The game is primarily Single Player based.


Fans will Love FE3R

HWatch06 | Aug. 24, 2011 | Review of FEAR 3 - PC

I wasn't looking into this game to much but something drove me to buy it. The first thing I went for was the co-op campaign. Me and a friend beat the game in the day. Now this is a good and bad thing at the same time. Obviously the good things is the reason we beat it in a day was because the campaign was really good and surprisingly entertaining. While the FE3R campagin doesn't necessarily progress the franchises story to far it is very entertaining to good to co-op through with a friend. The one thing I was disappointed about in the campaign was the lack of creepy/dark moments that made the first game shine so well. Going through this game solo can provide that certain atmosphere with the sound up and lights down, but its still pushing the scary-ness of the overall game. Now the multiplayer is not so much competitive but has some unique game modes that can be very fun. The first mode that caught my eye was F**K*** RUN. Which is a game mode in which Almas dark cloud is chasing you and you have to literally run from check point to checkpoint while also dealing with plenty of bad guys in your way, its sound simple but this can be difficult because every member of your team has to stay alive during until the end of the level. There is of course also the traditional wave driver mode Contractions which pits 4 of you against continuous waves of "them", and Alma makes an appearance from time to time. The twist on this mode is that you don't buy your guns, but essentially collect them via utility boxes found throughout the level which spawn at the beginning of every round, I personally loved this idea and though it was a well need adjustment to the typical display. There are other multiplayer modes that are equally entertaining to explore but Ill end the review there with my final thoughts. As a core game, FE3R is a very entertaining addition that I think FEAR fans will love.