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An extremely disappointing experience.

HaikenEdge | May 12, 2014 | Review of Bound By Flame - PC

In Short Version: Bound By Flame is an 8-10 hour pseudo-RPG that ends in a choice room, with extremely tedious combat gameplay and bugs out the wazoo. The Long Version: Bound By Flame is the newest offering by Spiders, the developer team behind Mars: War Logs, and is ostensibly a role-playing game, and while the player does make some choices that affect the story, the game's unending is nonetheless a choice room, thereby essentially negating any previous choices made by the player. The writing is decidedly mediocre; in an original world that should be filled with lore, very little of it is actually available in-depth, even when one of the available companions is in ostensibly a scribe and scholar of sorts, leaving the world feeling undeveloped. The so-called "romances" in the game hinge almost entirely on one or two decisions made by the player, at the time the romance presents itself, and the shifting attitude of characters occur so suddenly, based on single decisions, that there's practically no evolution of characterization of NPCs within the game. Graphically and audibly, the game holds up fairly well, albeit with some very horrific lip-syncing for the dialog; however, the music is fairly nice, almost reminisce of some Final Fantasy games. The game's built-in systems are, for the most part, poorly designed; combat is extremely tedious, as players have a very restricted mana pool, leaving them unable to use large amounts of magic without first crafting an extremely large number of mana potions, and thus generally forcing players to rely on melee combat, which, unfortunately, is relatively weak in comparison, especially when compared to the constantly increasing health of major enemies, thereby reducing combat to a grinding crawl of attack, dodge, block, and repeat. While the game has some interesting ideas, it ultimately fails to execute them in an enjoyable manner. The game is riddled with bugs; sometimes, secondary quest objectives cannot be reached because they are too close to primary objectives that move the plot past the secondary objectives, and other times, objectives aren't even present, making quests an impossibility to finish. Judged on its own merits, Bound By Flames is a below average offering, best considered a title to tide over RPG fans until something better arrives. Unfortunately, such a title should not be priced at its current base price of 40USD.