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This IS what I wanted

HajisQuikVanish | Aug. 21, 2013 | Review of The Bureau XCOM Declassified NA - PC

First off, let me say I am running this game on Med to Low settings without dx11. The first day I seemed to be able to run Dx11 on high and while there was a recurring stutter I just lowered everything for now. As for game play, I'm only on my first mission after the creation of XCOM. I'm not one to get caught up in whether this games' story meshes with another game. So any "lore" conflicts don't bother me. The game is very much a mashup of Mass Effect 1 gameplay with XCOM style stats. I have found that I spend allot of time in the menu directing my squad, more so then while playing ME1. the game doesn't pause while in the command screen, it only slows down. So far, having to drop graphic quality to get smooth frames is my only problem with this game. Will I spend more time playing the Bureau over XCOM EU. thats yet to be seen, and will be determined by the randomness of the missions. ( I currently have more hours on EU then any other game in my library)


I Was hoping For More

HajisQuikVanish | May 31, 2013 | Review of GRID 2 POST - PC

I'm eight hours in and the more I play the less I enjoy this game. Frame rate jumps from 83 to 11 as fast as you can touch the brake to drift a corner, multiple times within a race. As for the WSR I'm in asia and still battling for first place against the same drivers from US, not only that but these NPCs are driving the same car in every event, and you are forced to choose something different. The track layout in the game is great, and the live route is cool. I'm just having a hard time enjoying the game while using my flashbacks to correct lag and super aggressive drivers.