Reviews by Hardgrave


Free roam but annoying

Hardgrave | July 4, 2014 | Review of Dead Rising 2 - PC

I like the aspect of a free roaming zombie game and I own quite a few, but I really dislike that you are timed with having to get meds for your daughter. I wish there was an option to just turn it off and be able to explorer what I want, when I want. I recommend this game if you really enjoyed the first and you have no problem having to keep returning to give your daughter meds.


Great Game - Bad DRM

Hardgrave | Oct. 26, 2013 | Review of Dead Rising 2 - PC

This is a great game and more fun then the first in the series. It is always fun to find creative ways to get around the zombies and survive. The DRM is GFWL, which is really bad. There are some issues when trying to sign in to the service that way you can save your progress. Next year, they are shutting down GFWL and Capcom has already said that they will remove the DRM and still make the game playable.