Reviews by Havocidee


Stunning and epic

Havocidee | Jan. 24, 2014 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

Even though not immediately connected with the first two games you soon find tie ins and a continuing of the Bioshock story. The story had me guessing at times but always proving me wrong. Impressive visuals, great gameplay and weapon options yet to play any DLC but waiting to buy this game and glad I finally did. A must for bioshock fans.


Awesome space fun

Havocidee | Jan. 23, 2014 | Review of EVE Online Free Trial - PC

I have been playing this game for numerous years now on and off, amassing great wealth and constructing the big ship in the game by hand. Its a fun game but difficult at first for newer players to get into but they are working on that. Alot changes to keep the game balanced but getting into 200 man fleet fights is very entertaining. Recommded game