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A yes in my book!

Hbcfl | Aug. 17, 2013 | Review of Empire Total War - PC

This game has great game-play. Each nation has their own specialty which really shows when you use your Winged Hussars (Poland-Lithuania) to smash into the larger amount of Austrian Line Infantry. The game takes into account weather, terrain, and fatigue. This leads to some scary situations when Sikh Warriors (Maratha Confederacy) are charging downhill on a rainy day against any sort of firearm Infantry. There most definitely will be some soaked ground, in blood of course. The graphics are quite good if your computer can handle them. They made me realize I need a new graphics card. There definitely is some unintelligent AI when it comes to Diplomacy. The AI holds grudges and is seemingly unwilling to cooperate at times when mutual benefit is clear. Allies do not seem to really aid in times of mutual enemies either.