Reviews by Hetzau


A very good game

Hetzau | Sept. 5, 2013 | Review of Total War Rome II Post - PC

I am a fan of strategy games, and as a strategy lover, I have to say that Rome 2 is pleasant in every aspect; its graphics, its amazing music, its gameplay, etc. You will hear some people complain that there are too many graphical glitches, errors, and the such. Ignore them. Whoever is a fan of Total War franchises will know that not one game was released polished, but as patches were released, they became flawless games. If you are a fan of strategy games, especially those on an enormous scale, buy this game. Now.


A fun experience

Hetzau | May 7, 2013 | Review of Dungeonland - PC

This is one of those cute games you play with your friends, have a few laughs and then leave it just to come back to it after a while because no other games offers such a challenge and experience. It's a rather easy game to get into and I highly suggest it for people that are willing to play it with the younger members of their family. However don't mistake this game for a kiddy game. There are plenty of laughs to be had for any age range.


Greatest srategy game ever

Hetzau | May 7, 2013 | Review of Crusader Kings II - PC

I'm a fan of strategy games, and have played eveything from Age of Empires to CIV to Warhammer 40k, and I must say that this is the best strategy experience I have ever had. It has depths, it is addictive as all heck and it is rather humorous especially if you get into the role of your ruler and play with other people. While this game does have graphics, I consider it a "menu game". This means that there are no glorious battles like in Total War titles, however they aren't needed in a game that aims to be a dynasty sim. Buy this game if you wish to have your own family, retarded sons who are hated everybody, and wives who want to kill your own kin (and of course, execute them accordingly). I have over 100 hours of this game, and I strongly urge you to buy it.