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If you love wizards and mages, play this game!

Hexxaron | April 17, 2013 | Review of Magicka - PC

I love wizards, I seriously do and Magicka is a dream come true. It gives players the feel of being a truly powerful wizard without any "balance" being thrown it. There's no mana, or energy to limit you spell casting, only you. So cast away! If you love wizards and mages, play this game! Despite started as an indie game, the graphics is beautiful and the game has a lot of depths. The spell system is complex and you can create hundreds of spells. Enemy variations are also plenty and you won't be spamming one spell all the time as you will need to cast different spells for different enemies. It is an amazing and funny game especially when played with other people. The funny thing about this game is that your friend will kill you more than the enemies, and that's the fun part of the game! Playing alone is easy, playing with other people that makes it hard, which is also fun. The game also doesn't take itself seriously, with incomprehensible yet funny speech, shout-outs to popular works like Star Wars and many more. You will laugh or at least smile when playing this game. However, the game isn't perfect. The launch of the game was riddled with bugs and although many of the bugs have been solved, some still remain. You will crash the game occasionally but it isn't too serious to spoil the game. The game itself has many updates from the committed devs as there has been many dlcs to keep you coming back for more. When you're done with the adventure mode, get The Other Side of The Coin, The Stars Are Left, Dungeons and Daemons and Vietnam dlc to keep the adventure going. In a nutshell, buy this game, and make your friends buy it too!