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Make every round count.

HiFiVictor | Dec. 5, 2013 | Review of Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stalingrad Steam Digital Deluxe Edition - PC

Once you've run around in your soldier's boots for a few hours you'll begin to appreciate the complexities of this game. It takes those first few hours to accustom yourself to the horrors of war RO2 presents. One of those horrors is learning the game mechanics, but once you do you'll likely feel invested enough that every rifle round, every soldier's life is at least a little bit precious. Making it all the more rewarding when you live for more than a few minutes, or take down multiple enemies without being injured yourself. If you're someone who can appreciate walking a mile in someone else's boots, then this is a game you'll probably enjoy. I won't say it's the highest fidelity game as far as textures and animations, but your mind will fill in any gaps. If you play games to escape to other "realities" then this is a game which, if tinkered with for a few hours, will definitely get you there.