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A Classic

HisArmada | May 11, 2013 | Review of Rome Total War - PC

Rome: Total War is without a doubt one of the defining strategy war games. Beautifully mixing elements of commerce, diplomacy and of course war. You'll spend your time building up your peoples from humble beginnings to ruling the entirety of the known world by games end. As the name implies, war and battles are the driving force of the game. On the world map you'll be training and upgrading troops, increasing the skills of your generals and march armies across the map; rather standard affair. Where it really shines through is in the actual combat. Commanding hundreds of various forms of infantry, archers and cavalry along with towering siege weapons will see victory come not to who has the largest army but who can most effectively use that army. Good tactics can lead to 300 men defending themselves against thousands or see thousands of men quickly reduced to a mere 300. Overall if you like any of the Total War series and somehow haven't played Rome or if you're just a fan of strategy and war games, I highly recommend this title.


The conquest of the earth

HisArmada | April 29, 2013 | Review of Victoria II A Heart of Darkness - PC

A Heart of Darkness improves greatly on Victoria II and A House Divided. The new crisis system ensures the world is never a second away from another conflict between the great powers and the stakes are greater than ever before; Nations can rise and fall thanks to the implementation of this new system. The expanded depth in naval and army warfare also ensures that when conflict does occur it's not as simple an affair as before. No longer can you just split off an army of artillery and conquer an enemy by months end; Attention must be paid to the make up of your forces and they work more effectively in a larger stack, which can make one battle decide the course of the war. Colonisation while being more demanding of your attention, can also lead to conflicts as the nations rush for Africa. Dynamic dominions ensures that Africa will never end up as a blob of one nation but will have to be released into smaller states who could be released from your control in a future war and follow their own path, making Africa a much more livelier and interesting place to colonise. If you're a fan of Victoria II and AHD, this expansion really is a must. It adds enough new content to keep the game playing fresh while still staying familiar.