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HitManHunt | April 16, 2014 | Review of Day of Defeat: Source

This is a very fun, old-school first person shooter set in a WW2 time period...

With that being said, there is definitely no shortage of games that fit into that profile! You name it, there have been so many and most of them are very alike. This one will not be much different. You will be playing either axis or allies with one of a various selection of soldier classes.

Based on the ever so popular Valve "Source" engine, you may be familiar already with what to expect if you have played any of the other "Source"-based games (Half Life 2, Counterstrike: Source & GO, Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, Portal 1 & 2, Team Fortress 2).

The gameplay and mechanics are extremely simple and basic, so much so that anyone can jump in and just start gaming. Within a couple of rounds, you will have a great feel of how to play this game. While the gameplay and mechanics are easy to get into, it will take some time to learn how to become efficient at the game.

The graphics are also adequate. The graphics are actually quite impressive if you compare them to the system requirements and time of release. There are enough settings to fully customize and tailor your preferences, and any modern day computer rig will most likely handle this on max settings with great FPS.

Overall it's a great game and totally worth the price! Will bring lots of enjoyment with great replay value that you can just pick up and go any time you feel like jumping into a fun FPS match!



HitManHunt | April 16, 2014 | Review of Medieval II: Total War Collection

If you are familiar with any of the other titles in the Total War franchise, then you will be familiar with this one! The main thing that changes between these titles are which empires are at war and the colonies in which they rule...

This particular title is great because it truly does capture just what the series is meant to be all about. I have personally always found the Medieval time period fascinating and the factions / units involved are great for a series such as this. Very fitting indeed!

The gameplay and mechanics are going to be very similar to the other titles in this franchise. You will have the option to do a full campaign, allowing you to oversee your settlements, while creating and dispersing your armies across vast reaches of land, then battling to eliminate your opposition and conquer your foes. The cool thing is that you can also just do the battles if you don't want to go that in depth or maybe want to change / participate in actual historic battles!

It has the option of being very simplistic or going very in depth. With that being said, there is a slight learning curve to the series, however nothing extremely difficult for one to grasp within one sitting.

The graphics are great for when the game was released, however compared to the more recent titles, may leave you wanting. I find the graphics to be quite sufficient and adequate enough for every aspect of the game. There are many options to be tweaked, allowing a wide range of customizations. Any modern computer build should be able to run this title at max settings with great FPS.

Overall this is a great purchase, especially with all of the DLC, including a huge amount of content and replay value. Having all the DLC included allows one to jump into a huge number of battles, or play the campaign with so many factions that every new campaign should feel like a brand new experience.

Total War games are totally worth every penny! This game is very enjoyable and the franchise has brought years of entertainment that is difficult not to come back to!



HitManHunt | April 16, 2014 | Review of Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies

Much like the first game in this series, and similar to other Sid Meier games, Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies is a turn based strategy game.

Both Ace Patrol games are easy to learn and do not require a huge learning curve. The mechanics are fairly basic, yet can get very challenging as you progress through the levels.

The gameplay is very fun and offers a different set of missions from the first title in the series keeping this game fresh.

The graphics, like the original Ace Patrol are somewhat "cartoonish" and may seem a little bit outdated. However, keeping in mind that it is a turn based strategy game, the environment and details are not among the most important aspects of a game such as this.

I found this series to be very fun, especially if you are looking for a strategy or flight game to just jump straight into without having to learn too much.

It is definitely worth the price, especially if you pick it up on a sale, when you can get both titles very cheap with a great amount of content between the both of them.



HitManHunt | April 16, 2014 | Review of Sid Meier's Ace Patrol

This is a really fun turn based strategy flight-based game. With that being said, if you are familiar with other Sid Meier games, specifically the Civilization series, it is like that... for airplanes!

It's a really cool concept that is fairly easy to grasp and get into without much hassle. The mechanics are fairly simple and intuitive allowing one to jump in and start playing with not much of a learning curve required.

The graphics are a little bit "cartoony" and can seem a little bit outdated but still do a great job for what is required. Seeing as how it is a turn based game, and not a flight simulator, the finer environmental details don't seem as important anyhow.

Overall it's a fun and simple twist on the turn based strategy genre and will keep you entertained!

Definitely worth the price tag, especially if you pick it up on sale when it usually drops pretty low.



HitManHunt | April 15, 2014 | Review of Company of Heroes

Great game!

Strategy games are among the most enjoyable to me and this game does not disappoint!

While it was released all the way back in 2006, this game stands up to some of the best strategy games of all time.

The graphics are great even by today's standards and with today's hardware is not a pain to achieve all max settings with great FPS.

The gameplay is amazing and completely redefines what a gamer would be used to in a game of this genre. At it's time of release, it offered a new and unique twist that was somewhat revolutionary and still great fun compared to other titles of the same genre today.

The mechanics are different than what you will be used to, so there is a slight learning curve. However, with a little learning and practice it offers a great system that offers great fun to be had!

I love this game and have purchased multiple copies over the course of time for myself and friends to enjoy! It really does earn every penny spent!



HitManHunt | April 15, 2014 | Review of Napoleon: Total War Collection

Great game!

Another great addition to the Total War series, they make some of the best games in the Strategy genre...

Like many of the other titles in the Total War franchise, the gameplay is fairly linear containing many similar concepts in a new and unique setting.

The graphics are great as always and have enough settings to custom tailor just about any aspect you would need to get a great amount of enjoyment.

The mechanics are basically the same as many of the other titles in the franchise. Build and control your settlements, while creating and strategically maneuvering vast armies, and conquering your enemies on the battlefield!

This package contains enough content to play through the campaign many times over without becoming bored. It allows you to create new and fascinating campaigns keeping it unique just about every time.

All in all, this game will earn every penny spent and then some!



HitManHunt | April 15, 2014 | Review of Empire: Total War

Great game!

I love pretty much all the Total War series, they make some of the best games in the Strategy genre...

The mechanics of the game are pretty linear to the others in the TW franchise, and equally awesome!

It contains a lot of content and will definitely earn every penny spent with all of the captivating functions. Build and oversee your settlements, while building armies and fighting battles! Everything you could really ask for in a strategy game...

The graphics are great like usual and has enough settings for you to tailor just about every detail you require.

The gameplay is astounding and will keep you captivated enough to want to play through the campaign multiple times, wanting to come back for more. The coolest part is that every time you play through you can create a custom and unique experience!

This game will earn every penny spent and then some!


great game!

HitManHunt | April 15, 2014 | Review of Payday 2

Spent many of hours playing Payday 2!

I love this game!

Totally satisfies all my urges to grab a gun, a few pals my empty jewel satchel and professionally simulate a bank / jewel heist...

Comes with a lot of content initially and the team always seems to be releasing extra free / payed content. The only downside is that the DLC can be pretty pricey, and at first did not seem to go on sale much. But the up side is that as of late there have been many more sales on the DLC and makes it reasonable to keep up to date with the latest content.

Great game, I bought it early from release so payed a little bit more than what you can find it for now. Worth every penny!