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Wait; you can do that?

Honsy | July 12, 2011 | Review of Alpha Protocol - PC

If there's one thing about this game you need to know, it's that the above will be coming out of your mouth every time you read about this game. Trust me, give it some time. You'll be reading about this game, and you'll notice something that didn't occur in your playthrough. That is how this game will suck you back in. Alpha Protocol is one of the few modern RPG's that give you actual choices, not just appear to give you a choice. It's not like the choices of "Good/Evil" or "Kill Him/Her", or any Black and White options. It's all shades of grey, and the slightest difference at some point in your game will change the outcome for you. It's not absolutely perfect; you have to work a bit to get the game working in peak performance for you, and some animations have been said to be a bit..."off". There's nothing big enough to make one thing "Hey; I shouldn't play this game" - the game makes you work, but it's definitely worth it. A condensed list of what you need to know about this game before you play (because, honestly, if you're at a shop, you're already considering playing this game): - It looks like a shooter; but don't play it like one - If you mess up; keep playing. It'll work out. - Don't stress too much about your choices - Play this game blind; don't read walkthroughs before your first playthrough - Keep playing after your first 'assignment', no matter how you feel about it. It gets better Like I said; it's not perfect, but it's the closest we're going to get.