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The Best One Yet!

Honx | Feb. 6, 2014 | Review of Batman Arkham Origins - PC

Coming from someone who has played Arkham Asylum multiple times through, and played a couple of hours of Arkam City, I found that Arkham Origins is the best one yet. It plays out much like a mix of the previous 2 Batman games in that it offers the whole city to explore (just like Arkham City), but at the same time there are missions in a closed environment (much like Arkham Asylum). The graphics are the best yet, especially with DirectX 11 features such as a more realistic cloak and steps engraved in thick snow. Voice over for this game is simply epic and the story is gripping! Multiplayer is a blast as well and offers a nice change of pace from the same singleplayer experience. Overall, I consider this game the best one in the series and for 16.99 Euro (on discount), it is an absolute steal!