Reviews by Hotspud


A very worthy reboot

Hotspud | Feb. 1, 2013 | Review of DMC Devil May Cry - PC

DmC is an excellent action game - probably one of the best released this gen. However, fans of the original series might find it a little less true to its DMC roots. Hence, it is perhaps only a "good" DMC game. If you're like me, and not particularly hardcore, you will enjoy this title. The replay ability is quite high, and the main campaign will last approximately 8.5 hours. After that, there is increased difficulty levels, unlockables, and the pending release of Virgil DLC (~$9) and bloody palace (Free) will add more value and length to the game. The most important part of this game is the swordplay, which is handled exceptionally well. With lots of different weapons to choose from (5 combat arms, and 3 guns), and switching between them on the fly, the combinations are endless. The PC version runs well over 60 FPS, and is a much superior version of the game to the console counterparts. Graphically, the game is beautiful, and the art is just phenometal. The voice acting and characters are of high quality, making this game easy to take seriously (though it doesn't take things too seriously itself). Overall, highly recommended to all action fans!


Unique Shoot-Em-Up

Hotspud | Jan. 12, 2013 | Review of Sine Mora - PC

If you're like me you miss the old school shoot-em-up games like Ikaruga. Sine Mora ("out of time" in Hungarian) is the modern embodiment of an excellent shoot-em-up. It has excellent graphics, variety of difficulty modes, different ships, and interesting game mechanics - instead of having a life-bar you have a time bar which gradually depletes. To stay alive you must keep destroying enemies. There are several stages, and lots of interesting and varied bosses. The game is not super long, but has much re playability with different difficulty levels and ship load-outs. A comprehensive leader board system helps you keep track of your progress. Highly recommend this game for steam big picture and controller. Even at full price this is a steal and something that will last you quite a while. The only downside I can think of is the story might be intense for some people (there are some very mature themes and it is generally confusing) - but the story itself is far beyond anything you'd expect in games like these.


Very innovative game

Hotspud | Jan. 12, 2013 | Review of Scribblenauts Unlimited NA - PC

This game is a real gem. Simple graphics and colorful music make this game accessible to all. The premise is that you have to solve short interactive puzzles using your magical notepad where anything you type comes into existence. You can summon people, animals, guns - essentially anything, and interact with said item. For example, I summoned an elephant and a pair of giant wings, putting the wings on the elephant I was able to fly it around the level. Similarly, you can summon a maneating pidgeon and watch the characters scramble away as it tries to eat them. It's all very good fun and it's a unique experience not available anywhere else. The game is of good length, and replayability depends on whether or not you are creative enough to go back and solve the puzzles in a more unique way. Overall, I highly recommend this game for anyone, makes for a great gift especially if you have younger siblings - but the game is equally fun for adults too!


Fun side-scroller Beam-Em-Up

Hotspud | Jan. 12, 2013 | Review of Shank 2 RoW - PC

Shank 2 is a beautifully designed game. The main character is immediately impressive and you feel like an absolute powerhouse. At your disposal you have 3 types of weapons (melee, guns, bombs) and you run through a level beating up bad guys and each level finishes off with a challenging boss. There are 2 playable characters with several skins. The animations and gameplay are superb and each load-out feels very different. The story is very simple, but the cut scenes are very cool. As you progress there are opportunities to unlock new weapons and skins, so that keeps thing fresh. There are online leaderboards and a fairly extensive ranking system. As well, there is a co-op survival mode for added longevity. Some downsides are that things occasionally get stale or repetitive - but these moments are rare. Also, this is not a very long game, but there are several difficulty modes and replayabilility is good.


Great Game

Hotspud | Jan. 12, 2013 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

This is an exceptional game but gets very difficult quickly. There are a lot of hidden bonus levels and interesting characters to unlock that put a different spin on the gameplay. Playing this big picture mode with a controller is ideal. Essentially the game is a platformer, but with a twist in that your characters have some stick to walls which opens a lot of new gameplay. Some of the characters you get can float and have slight variations on their motion. The goal of the game is to get through the level as quickly as possible, but there are saws, traps and other obstacles in your path - and expect to lose a lot. But, the game is addicting and the levels are short, so finishing them is quite satisfying. Highly recommend this title!