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Great Game Should Be in Any Strategy Fan's Library

HylianLegend | Aug. 15, 2013 | Review of Total War Shogun 2 - PC

Shogun 2 is another very solid entry into one of the premiere strategy franchises. The game boasts impressive graphical considerations over previous entries as the campaign map portrays Japan in beautiful detail. The battles are where those graphics truly shine as the individual soldiers are well animated, especially during battle sequences. The downfall of Shogun 2 is only that the differences between factions are very minimal, creating fundamentally the same experience, regardless of what faction you are playing. Granted, there are bonuses to certain areas for each faction- for instance, the naval power of the Mori clan or the katana experts of the Shimazu, but these bonuses don't change the fact that everyone is fielding unit after unit of the same katana or yari (spear) samurai. Points for realism about this as, after all, the game is set in a period of civil war, so the armies would be rather similar. However, compared to entries like Rome and Medieval 2, the unit variety is lackluster. There are DLC packs out there to boost some of the variety, and this reviewer highly recommends grabbing some of them to add some life to the game. The total experience of Shogun 2 is amazing though, and I have spent over 300 hours playing the game, despite the aforementioned drawback. The game play and interface system is more seamless than any Total War game before it. This franchise, and particularly this entry, is a must have for any strategy fan, especially those like myself who can't wait for Rome 2's launch next month.