Reviews by Hysteroid


Fun game, but has many problems.

Hysteroid | April 27, 2013 | Review of SimCity NA Origin - PC

I wanted to like this game, I really did. but it just has too many problems at the moment. It was a nice step up from the last game in the series. The game play is a lot more streamlined, making it easier to supply water, power, sewage, and other necessary services to the city. The graphics are a very nice touch, and being able to specialize in certain fields (Mining, trading, gambling, tourism) makes every one of your cities different. And the multiplayer is also very cool. Being able to make a city next to a friends, and share resources is a nice game play element. But all of these things don't even matter when your city breaks half the time. The game is always connected to the EA servers, and all of your city save data is saved to the cloud. It's not very reliable to say the least. 3/4 of the cities I've made have broken completely, making it impossible to get them back. And if it doesn't break, your city can get rolled back to an earlier point (Sometimes can be hours ago). Also, you don't have a lot of room to build your city. The space is very small and can lead to your city failing due to low housing/jobs. The game also gives you information that isn't true. You can have 5 hospitals and they will still complain about not having enough hospitals. Just wait until they fix the game, but until then, don't bother.


What an experience

Hysteroid | April 27, 2013 | Review of Spec Ops The Line - PC

From afar, this game looks like a generic 3rd person shooter, but it's so much more than that. Game play wise, It's your typical 3rd person shooter. You can hold 2 weapons, and there is quite a variety of different weapons. You have a squad of 2 other soldiers that you can give minor commands to. A major problem with the game is the controls. It's a pretty bad console port, and doesn't take advantage of the many keys on a keyboard. 3 actions are mapped to one button, which can cause some awkward situations that can end in you getting killed. But these game play faults are out shined when the story starts developing. This is war, and war is a terrible thing. This may be a typical shooter, but it doesn't treat you like a hero. The actions you make in the game will always be wrong, and you'll never feel like you're helping the cause. Captain Walker (Voiced by Nolan North), evolves from a proud soldier, to a fighter, desperate for answers. You won't feel happy at the end, but it's one of those games you will remember for quite a while. With multiple endings, and an amazing story, It's quite an experience. Graphics wise, this game looks great. From minor details as your characters looking like they've been through hell by the end of the game, to the backdrops of Dubai skyscrapers is a nice touch. If you're looking to buy this game for the multiplayer, don't bother. It was rushed and wasn't worth being put in the game. Overall, this game is a masterpiece. They don't change much in the game play section, but this story is something everyone has to experience.


Great game in the series

Hysteroid | April 27, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider Steam - PC

I was never the biggest Tomb Raider fan back in the day (never owned a Sony console), but I did play them. Wasn't a big fan of the controls or game feel. I was going into Tomb Raider with the lowest expectations, and was blown away. The controls feel tight, and you actually feel like you're stranded. Hunting animals and gathering doesn't feel tedious, and being able to upgrade your gear is a nice touch. Graphically, this game is stunning. From rain pouring down to the sun rising, this game shines. Character models look very realistic, and enviroments give you a nice atmosphere. The one problem I had with this game was Lara doesn't really evolve into the character she becomes (Comparing to Spec Ops: The Line or Far Cry 3). She just turns into a killer, which isn't a game breaker, but killed some of the immersion. Overall, this game is a must buy.