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Polygons, Pixels and Perseverance

IcemanO11 | Feb. 18, 2015 | Review of Heavy Bullets - PC

Definitely a solid example of what a randomly generated shooter should be like. Adding the idea of constantly needing to reuse and keep track of your ammunition creates a sense of alarm and survival that is rarely seen with current AAA shooters. If you enjoy games like Risk of Rain, FTL, the unforgiving strategy and shooter mechanics will be your kind of challenge. The first time your heart races when you get poisoned by a snake and realize you're down to your last heart and make a mad dash for a vendor to buy the heart that will save your life, you will see what I mean. The art style of the game is creative and simplistic but never interferes with the gameplay mechanics. I'd like to see a little more variety in the gunplay, but it establishes what it was set out to do and does it well.


Guns, Guns and More Guns. Oh and gameplay.

IcemanO11 | July 16, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 NA Overflow 1 - PC

Borderlands 2 represents one of the best planned, well designed co-op adventures I have ever played. Being able to add in a healthy level of satire just kicks it up a notch with the memorable characters as well. Being able to use drop in, drop out co-op, play with friends, with a character that you've invested in is fantastically fun. The guns are nearly infinite in their number, and diversified fantastically from the previous game, with each developer having a different style and construction of their weapons. This lends a great deal of polish and fun into the mechanics of the game, in addition to the great gameplay. Finding loot also makes this very, very addictive. You'll keep playing just to find that orange super rare assault rifle. You deserve it. A definite buy for FPS fans, and definitely consider it even if you don't normally play them.


Agent 47 hasn't aged a day.

IcemanO11 | July 16, 2013 | Review of Hitman Absolution NA - PC

The Hitman series has always been known for its thinking gameplay when attempting to take down a target. Do I drop a chandelier on him when he moves to sit down? Do I snipe him from the balcony? Absolution provides situations for those same opportunities, but they tend to be fewer and far between, focusing more on story driven third person shooter levels more often. The disguise system has also been changed, in my opinion for the worse largely because your discovery will occur quite often regardless of whether you have a disguise on or not. If you're looking for a great third person action game, Hitman is a beautiful and fun example. However, if you were looking for another "Hitman" game, this departs somewhat from the formula to adapt to the new generation.


A Masterpiece in Game Storytelling and Player Involvement.

IcemanO11 | July 16, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead - PC

The Walking Dead has been one of the few adaptations in recent history to equal or even surpass the media which spawned it. Lee Everett is a character which may or may not grow on you, but the choices you make as Lee are what will define your perception of both him and yourself. This is what makes the Walking Dead so interesting. Occasional puzzles and gunplay break things up, but the choices are the real test in what you are prepared to do. No spoilers, but you will have to make some very difficult choices along the way, and the sense of loss that you feel is palpable, after building up the history which makes the game so appealing. The only real flaw in the mix would be that re-playability is a bit scarce. The only draw being that you can see the results of other choices, but the path itself that Lee must follow is set. If you like a story... Play it. That's it.


A Co-Op experience, but a single player ordeal.

IcemanO11 | July 16, 2013 | Review of Dead Island - PC

Dead Island presents a bit of a conundrum. Drawing on games such as Left 4 Dead, the zombie genre has become quite populated with entries, to which Dead Island is no stranger. What it does provide is a great experience in open world zombie mechanics in a co-op setting. What it doesn't is solid gameplay mechanics. Melee feels a bit stiff, and mechanical. Shooting with firearms is few and far between, and sometimes convoluted. This however doesn't totally diminish the fun quests and experiences that you and your buddies can have. Single player is sort of a labour of love however, as you have to slog through multiple objectives, it definitely takes you awhile. Worth your time if you have a good set of friends to enjoy it with, or you're a die hard zombie killer.


A solid shooter, horror not so much.

IcemanO11 | July 16, 2013 | Review of FEAR 3 - PC

Well, If you played the previous F.E.A.R games, I'm sure you will find a lot to like in the shooter mechanics of FEAR 3. Controls are responsive, gunplay is fun and the enemies are fairly varied enough to help you shake things up. The environments can be interesting to fight in as well, including a dilapidated Bulk Food store, an Airport, and a cookie cutter housing district. Where FEAR 3 falls short is realistically in its horror element. It's drastically reduced from previous games, and mostly replaced by some slow motion quick time moments with dear old Alma. Not to say that those moments aren't freaky, but it just seems that they are appealing to more of a shooter crowd with this entry. If you like shooters, especially Co-Op shooters, worth your time.


The fallen hero returns.

IcemanO11 | July 6, 2013 | Review of Max Payne 3 Steam - PC

Max Payne was one of those franchises that surprised me. I didn't catch on until the second one came out, but when I did, I realized that it was a quality series with the kind of attention to detail and gunplay that is lacking in a lot of games in the current gen. Even though MP3 was handled by Rockstar, rather than Remedy, it's still a shining example of how to design a story driven third person shooter. Bullets tear holes in your enemies, who react realistically to gunfire hits. Max gets hit, and falls from shotgun blasts, leaving his suit stained with blood. They even added a realistic difficulty where bullet damage for all players is ACCURATE. (Aka you die in only a few hits, dependent on where you are hit). All in all, huge attention to detail, a good story, and a surprisingly good multiplayer component make this a must-buy if you enjoy shooters.


Welcome to the Jungle.

IcemanO11 | July 5, 2013 | Review of Rising Storm - PC

Red Orchestra 2 is a tactical, realistic eastern WW2 front experience. Rising Storm brings that same refined realistic shooter to the pacific theatre, with new weapons, new factions, and new places. First off, if you didn't like Red Orchestra 2, you probably won't like this game. If you did, then you'll probably find A LOT more to like with this expansion. The asymmetrical nature of the two factions being the more advanced weapon laden Americans as contrasted with the trap and mortar laden Japanese make for some interesting, and mostly balanced gameplay. The maps also contain a lot less buildings, and more land based conflicts, having you worry less about snipers and perches, and more about flanking and suppression. Overall, a great realistic shooter, minus some lingering lag issues here and there.


Welcome to the situation room Commander.

IcemanO11 | July 5, 2013 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown NA Overflow 1 - PC

XCOM is back. For those who don't know, this is a modern day reimagining of XCOM UFO Defense, an old legendary dos game where you control a team of specialized soldiers from all countries of the globe to fight an alien presence. The gameplay mechanics are turn based, but this makes it no less tense or fast paced. Controlling your research to come up with the right tech to support your soldiers, building the right analogues of alien tech to combat that Muton, and making sure your fleet of interceptors have the right weaponry to take out that battleship are all examples of how deep this game can get. There's definitely room for improvement, mainly in the soldier customization. But the sense of investment in your soldiers, which can be lost at any time, makes this a gem worth your time.