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Back again for more BioShock!

Ichiro | May 10, 2011 | Review of BioShock 2 - PC

I loved the first BioShock, and I'm also loving this one. It is certainly a follow-up sequel to the first game, so if you don't play the first one, you will miss out on the story, and won't really understand it. Originally, you were an actual man, but you managed to escape that mayhem, and save the world of Rapture. That's done and over with. But now, when something else happens that requires somebody to fix it all, you come back as a Big Daddy. Not as a human. Or what's left of one, that is. Rest assured, you don't have to look around in a limited HUD like the first game, when you finally placed yourself into a Big Daddy suit and was totally frustrated with seeing a limited screen. This time, you can use BOTH your hands for the game, rather than having to constantly switch back and forth between your weapons and your Plasmids. Some of the gameplay was simplified, which would've otherwise left the game at its original prestige. I don't mind it being a direct copy of the original game (since usually exact copies turn out to be best, no matter what people say), but simplifying some of the stuff that we've come to love from the original game places it into the same issue with most other sequels. It certainly deserves a high score, since it wasn't all that far from the original, but it certainly misses the mark. Anyways, buy it, soon after you beat the first one. And did I mention? This one has multiplayer as well.


Excellent game, with the most unique storyline packed in!

Ichiro | May 10, 2011 | Review of BioShock - PC

Definitely worth what you pay for. The completely unique storyline really compliments the game, and once you're done with it, you want to play it again, JUST for the dialogue. Which most games aren't able to do. The storyline is very deep. The time it's based on also compliments it, and the wacky atmosphere makes it even more interesting to play. Although this game lacks replayability (since the second one's out already, and nothing "rolls over" to the next playthrough), the storyline is still worth all that you pay for. All those rumours you heard from everybody about this game being one of the best of all time are all true. Definitely one of the best franchises ever developed. Buy it, you won't regret it at all.


Extremely addicting, apocalyptic, and also epileptic

Ichiro | May 10, 2011 | Review of Beat Hazard - PC

First of all, if you suffer from epilepsy, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. You have been warned. Now away from that point, this game certainly has a ton of replayability, especially on the endless mode. Just load up a song that's part of a folder with a ton of other music, and expect yourself to be playing, forever. Once you hit the millions in score, you really need to take a break, haha. Otherwise it'll get to you after a while. This game is based in space, with ships and asteroids trying to kill you, but its the generation of the visual effects that make it extremely fun to play. Certainly a game that will appeal to most audiences, especially those really into music.


Certainly a twist to the franchise

Ichiro | May 10, 2011 | Review of Kings Bounty The Legend - PC

I, being an extremely avid HoMM fan (primarily IV), wanted to try this one out since V sucked. It is certainly much more simplified, but also much more complicated on several other parts of the gameplay. I enjoyed playing this for the hours it gave out, but its just a bit different from HoMM IV, so I might end up sticking to that. It's totally worth the price if you're buying it on sale. These days it hits rock-bottom prices of under $5, so you can score it quite easily. I bought this along with the other ones in the King's Bounty series, just for collection. I haven't even played the others yet, haha.


Quite the interesting game

Ichiro | May 10, 2011 | Review of VVVVVV - PC

My friend showed me this a while back, and at first I thought it was just another cheesy platformer, but it's certainly not it. The entire game is developed using Flash, which is still quite uncommon for a paid game. Machinarium was also made using Flash, but that's away from the point. This game will certainly take many hours out of your boredom. There's a lot of stuff to do, and a lot of difficult challenges as well. It's another one of those extremely difficult games that are meant to frustrate you to no end, but in return, add to your satisfaction. I enjoyed playing it, but I doubt I'll ever beat the entire game.


Humourous platformer not meant to be taken seriously

Ichiro | May 9, 2011 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

If you seriously think this is another Mario platformer, you're wrong. Super Meat Boy is a completely different type of platformer. It starts off with a very bland story, then as you progress on, it get dark, REALLY dark. At the later stages, it becomes so excrutiatingly difficult, that you end up playing the same stage over 200 times before you can get halfway. The point of the game is not really to beat it. See, by the time you actually make it to the harder stages, the cheesiness of the game should've already made you cling onto it. This game is NOT meant for kids. Seriously. It's way too violent. Don't let any of your children play it. Lots of blood and gore, and very dark atmospheres throughout. Although all that I've said seems to make it sound bad, it's not. It's precisely because it's just this warped that everybody loves it, including I. The cheesiness of the game alongside its difficulty and unique gameplay really sets it aside from all other platformers. Weird secret stages, interesting new characters, spoofs on lots of stuff people spoof on, you name it. This game's got everything you WOULDN'T expect in a platformer. Apart from running and jumping, that is.


Great game, although short

Ichiro | May 9, 2011 | Review of Trine - PC

Trine was a great game to play. I got ripped off buying it from Direct2Drive just to see it go on sale later at several other places, but I don't regret it, either. This game is beautiful. The graphics are brilliant, and the storyline was scripted fantastically. You can really just play it and follow the storyline for it being done so well. If there were, maybe, another 10 stages, I would give this a pure 100 for absolute win. This game only had 10 (+1 bonus) stages in it, which really didn't last that long. Each stage is about, well, 10-30 minutes (if you didn't speed through it or anything) and is unique in itself. You will definitely enjoy this game for what you pay for. The peaceful feeling you get out of playing this game is totally worth it. It's not a noir game, nor anything violent. It's just right.


THE best sandbox I've ever played

Ichiro | May 9, 2011 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

This has got to be the best sandbox game that I've ever played. I bought it off Steam when it was on sale during last year, and believe me, I played it for almost three days straight (excluding sleep). Even without the plethora of enhancement mods (that you can download for free), the game as it is is excellent. Storyline is, well, alright. Thinking of the entire game as a whole, the storyline's only medium. The main reason for playing this game is to just fool around and do random stuff. It's different from GTA, since that one's a bit more restrictive on what you can do. The physics in this game are JUST warped enough that you won't consider it fake. It's just enough to make the entire game as itself fun to mess around in. The scenery and map is HUGE, and it's GREAT going everywhere to explore. You have tons of vehicles, planes, weapons, etc. to do whatever the heck you'd like to. Definitely a game everybody must try, at the least. Don't expect to beat it and just end it at that. That's not the point of the game. The point of the game is to just go around and screw stuff up.


It was alright, I guess

Ichiro | May 9, 2011 | Review of Dark Sector - PC

I bought this to try it out when it was on sale at GMG. I figured that since it was cheap, I could just give it a shot, beat it, and then just turn it in. Well I did just that, and my result revolves around it being, not really "mediocre," but not really something to go "WOW!" over, either. It deserves at most a solid 65. It lacks replayability, and the controls were only OK. Gameplay wasn't anything new, and a bit too scripted. Storyline was somewhat bland as well, but at least it followed through. It's okay if it's cheap and you want to give it a shot for some hours out of boredom, but apart from that, nothing more.


Worth the price I bought it for, but not really worth the hype

Ichiro | May 9, 2011 | Review of Empire and Napoleon Total War Game of the Year Edition - PC

I bought this since I loved Medieval II: Total War. I knew that they had added the new navel battle system that the older Total Wars lacked, so I figured that it would compliment the gameplay that I've always loved back then. When I noticed this at rock-bottom prices on GMG (because of a promotion), I weighed my chances and went for it. I don't remember the price I bought it for again, but I remember that even now, no other competitor could beat its sale price here. This bundle includes everything for these two games. No doubt about that. But this game honestly lacks what the older ones had, and that was simplicity. The developing team figured that they would "improve" it further by making it more complicated (what developer doesn't do that anymore?) but just ended up making it too much more complex than it needed. I enjoy playing this, but I'll probably move back to Medieval II, even though it doesn't have naval.


THE absolute best Total War game developed

Ichiro | May 9, 2011 | Review of Medieval II Total War Gold Edition - PC

I played this since the year it came out, up until I had lost the discs and my computer had to be reformatted for various issues... This game was absolutely the best Total War game out to date. I have been waiting for months on end for it to hit a rock-bottom price so I could buy it again (just because I'm cheap, no harm done), and when it hit for less than $5 on GMG, I just went for it, no doubts whatsoever. I earlier bought the Napoleon and Empire GOTY bundle from GMG as well, but after playing it for a bit, I realized that it just lacked the spark that M2: TW had. Sure, the navel battles they added are really good. I like their navel, but I just hate the whole "build outside of your town" thing. Sadly, I haven't played this for a long while, and my skills have gotten a bit tarnished over the times, but I still enjoy opening it up for a round or two. Heh, I remember playing for almost two days straight because I was so addicted. I even accidentally discovered a clone glitch where you could duplicate your troops as well. That is, as long as you don't end up crashing the game by accident, HAH.


An old game, but still quite fun to play

Ichiro | May 9, 2011 | Review of Darwinia - PC

I tried this at my friend's house quite a few years back (and a few other games, of course) and I was astonished. At first, I thought it'd be your cheesy old indie strategy game with really nothing going for it, but after playing it a bit, it's actually quite the thrill. The graphics aren't really anything to make people go "WOW!" over, but it's the unique type of story and gameplay that makes it interesting. The theme of the game is that you're helping a programmer develop his city with tons of bugs and glitches inside of it, and you need to eradicate all the viral code and whatnot. It's structured as a real-time strategy game, and there aren't many steps that need to be learned to play it, either. The tutorial is simple enough that you can understand it. I originally didn't want to buy this, but after seeing it go for $1 on GMG, I figured that I'd just buy it for collection. It's a really good game.