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A good intro

Imjustabirdytoo | June 13, 2013 | Review of Endless Space Admiral Edition - PC

I had never really played a 4x game before this let alone know what one is. However my curiosity and a sale prompted me to buy it and I don't regret it. It actually got me very interested in the 4x genre. However playing a few others from the genre I can see this one is pretty stream lined. Its good for quick pick up and play and great as a introduction to the genre but is lacking endgame or much racial diversity. This may sound like an insult but it is not. It would be a great tablet game. It got a clear and easy to navigate UI. Everything has descriptions when highlighted and everything is easy to manage and use. Graphics don't play a big part but are nice and clear. Battles are more of watching than actively playing. Diplomacy is a little shallow and even if another race really likes you it doesn't seem to influence the negotiations much at all. A nice large 4 tiered research tree influence how your game (mainly early game) plays out. I must say I really like the soundtrack a nice little added bonus that fits the game perfectly. Over all I am glad i picked this one up and I'm glad its the first of the 4x i really played so i wasn't to overwhelmed and gave up on the genre.