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Quite Entertaining

Impoxdragon | Aug. 29, 2013 | Review of LA Noire The Complete Edition Steam - PC

As is the trend with most Rockstar games, this game is excellent. The technology used to read the expressions and used by the characters are fantastic and quite helpful (though, required) for solving the cases given throughout your career as Cole Phelps. The story is narrated and executed excellently by use of newspaper and, primarily, voice-over done as a, you guessed it, film noir style with signature "Private Eye Monologue." A fan of black and white films (and maybe even an older audience) will be delighted with the option to turn on the colorless feature and pretend to watch and play in a movie. Feature-wise, the game has what most GTA games have, collectibles, secrets and, of course, easter eggs. It's semi-open-world gameplay can leave fans of Rockstar's previous titles with a feeling of detachment that can break the immersion this game can provide (mostly due to the fact that you can't run around and gun people down as a police officer.) The game comes with a punishment system that will lower the score of the player for getting questions wrong, running over pedestrians and locking away the wrong person, "encouraging" the player to do good deeds (unlike GTA.) Essentially, this game is the anti-GTA. The DLC isn't purely cosmetic and can provide bonuses, extra firepower and extra cases to add to the game. This game may not be for everyone but anyone (above the region's age requirement) can pick it up and play.


An amazing game for new-comers and those with experience

Impoxdragon | Aug. 29, 2013 | Review of Skullgirls - PC

What first brought my attention to this game was the art-style (called "dark-deco" by the developers.) Each hand-drawn character has a unique style (fighting, attitude and feeling) that brings the game to life. The "vanilla" roster of player characters all have a unique design that are appropriate for its universe (though there are some complaints that believe it to be "distracting" and "sexist".) The game's story-telling is what can already be found in most games of its kind (not so much that it may provide a distraction but as much as it needs to immerse the player) and may even be found better. The controls for a gamepad are fully customisable and can make the game as easy or as challenging as you want it to. The controls for the keyboard, like any other fighting game, are not ideal for use on online or offline play (but are, again, fully customisable.) Feature-wise, the game has the training and tutorials to brush up on strategies or create new ones (the training comes with options to see hitboxes and how they are affected throughout combos and blocks.) If you've never played a fighting game, this game has built-in tutorials that cover the basics and advanced moves of most of the fighting-genre games found on consoles and PC but also has an "Infinite Prevention" system so you can actually land a hit on you opponents. If you've already fancied yourself a top player, this game will not disappoint (established as a tournament-grade fighter, this game won't over-simplify controls and the Start button has a 1-second delay to prevent accidental presses.) Quite frankly, it is a great game that is definitely worth the price of $14.99 (or your regional equivalent) with free, upcoming DLC that was funded by an indie-go-go campaign.