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What is better than kill monster? Kill your friend in the way!

InbarPerry1 | Sept. 1, 2013 | Review of Magicka - PC

I was skeptical when I saw some gamplays and trailers, seem like another indie game that everyone will soon forget about it. But... I was wrong. Magicka feature an option to play up to 4 players in the main story and non-stop friendly fire. Of coure the main porpose of the game is to kill the monsters and your enemies and continue the story but when a friend is in-game with you, it's inevitable to do so without throw a huge ball of earth in your friend's face. Just be carful when you do that because he will blue screen the hell out of you! In addition to the friends fun, this game have a cute story with a lot of references and humor that you will always like to hear. I am highly recommend to play this game, don't let some poor graphics change your mind. So, why are you still reading this? Put on your robe and start casting some spells!