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The Start of An Era

IncrediBo | Oct. 20, 2013 | Review of Mass Effect NA Origin - PC

Mass Effect is an RPG that is mechanically a third person shooter. The story of this game is absolutely top-notch. Both the character and plot developments are among the best I've seen to date. The choices you make will eventually have an impact in the overall outcome of the story in this game and its sequels as well. The gameplay is very fun and unique thanks to the various powers and abilities you are given. However, compared to current day third person shooters, there is more emphasis on strategy. Overall, Mass Effect is an awesome game to play and experience. Having my own doubts when first starting this game, I can say that I have absolutely none now. Just make sure you have some spare change in your pockets because after you're done with this game, you'll be begging for the next two. The start of an era indeed.