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Insanely Inventive, and Ludicrously Charming

IntFam | Oct. 5, 2013 | Review of Tiny Big Grandpas Leftovers - PC

At first, as you meander through a simple tutorial stage that shows you how everything works, T&B seems like a pretty straightforward puzzle-platforming experience. But as soon as the game unleashes you on the world, you realize that you're about to experience something special. Tiny & Big: Grandpa's Leftover's has a simple concept; use your three tools (a powerful cutting laser, a grappling hook that you use for pulling rather than climbing, and a launcher that fires little rockets that stick to objects and propel them forward when you activate them) to navigate the stages and have yourself a grand old adventure. T&B takes this concept and lets you run free with it, leaving few restrictions save a robust physics engine, and your own creativity to solve the game's puzzles. The game's surreal sense of humor and gorgeously quirky art design help carry it along as you work through several stages of the game with your trusty tools. The only true fault of the game is that it's just so short, but at ten dollars (and often less, considering how often it goes on sale), it's well worth dropping your hard-earned handful of dollars on if you enjoy a good puzzle platformer. With any luck, we'll see a sequel some time in the future that really runs wild with the concept introduced here.


The Ultimate Diamond in the Rough

IntFam | Oct. 5, 2013 | Review of Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition - PC

Fallout: New Vegas is a giant, cumbersome, overwhelming, buggy mess. And you'll probably have more fun with it that almost any other game out there if you can shrug off a handful of faults. Gamers who enjoy the freedom of an open world will adore this game. From the moment you step out of the house where character creation goes down, you can do anything and go anywhere (except where the Cazadors are. Screw those guys.) Taking Bethesda Game Studios' well-executed gameplay formula and engine from Fallout 3, Obsidian Entertainment has crafted an alarmingly organic and varied world, and it's massive to boot. If you take your time to savor the game, you can easily kill 40-60 hours just wandering the Mojave Desert, which, given its distance from the bombings that levelled the earth, is a much more alive and interesting world than FO3's Capital Wasteland. The world feels very much more alive than FO3 did, and that means a lot in an open world game. The story, although you can go for ages without touching it, is also a fantastic departure from the framework set up in FO3. From the very beginning of the game, the stakes are sky-high, and with a robust Faction system, you will find numerous ways to reach the ending and make a name for yourself in the Mojave. Pair that with a huge and well-rounded cast of voice actors backing up the major players, and you have yourself one heck of a ride from start to finish. In addition to a splendid main game, NV is backed by some of the best DLC content available today. If you have to pick only one of them, Old World Blues is by far my favorite. Amusingly, like its Las Vegas setting, picking up Fallout New Vegas is all about the gamble. If you can soldier through the occasional bug and spend some time exploring the world, picking out all its secrets, it will pay off in spades.


An Open-World Blast

IntFam | Oct. 5, 2013 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

This game's story is fun, and campy as hell. Right down to the corny writing and hilarious acting. That said, this game's real fun has nothing to do with missions. No, it's all about using your insane grappling hook, mysteriously unlimited parachutes, and the game's multitude of vehicles to adventure across the enormous island of Panau and blow the hell out of anything and everything. And get paid to do it. If you enjoy games that are heavy on exploration with quirky combat mechanics (you could gun people down, but wouldn't you rather pin somebody to the roof with a grappling hook then pinata them to death? Or maybe just crash a jet into their face?), and tons and TONS of explosions, there's hours of fun to be had with JC2. Increase those hours by finding any of the TONS of mods this game's community has put out. Be warned, though. If you're looking for a standard shooter that guides you through a compelling story, you may not like this one, so keep your prefer playstyle in mind before making a purchase.