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Great game but doesn't live up to the standard set by Morrowind.

JJH777 | Aug. 13, 2012 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 3 - PC

When the long awaited Elder Scrolls V came out I was very skeptical that this game would even come close to living up to the hype. I am a huge TES fan I love both Daggerfall and Morrowind but Oblivion was a huge disappointment to me. When Skyrim came out I was planning not to buy it until it had a nice sale but a message board that was known for hating Oblivion and loving Morrowind was touting Skyrim as being even better than Morrowind. This was because Skyrim makes a remarkably good first impression. Skyrim has amazing level design with tons of traps and lots of tricky paths. One thing I love about the Skyrim dungeons is a lot of them return to the beginning with a shortcut path at the end. In the beginning Skyrim also has a very good sense of progression that continues for quite a while. There are a lot of fun quests in Skyrim and the combat is a huge improvement over Oblivion. The factions are nice and in particular the Thieves Guild stands out as being the one faction I think gives the Morrowind version of the faction a run for it's money. However Skyrim does have some very big problems that also plagued Oblivion. While pretty the exploration is nearly pointless due to most loot still being randomized. The only reward you will get for exploring is the occasional random quest. Don't expect to delve deep into a random dungeon and find a godly unique item that is no where else in the game like you could in Morrowind. Another problem in Oblivion was a huge lack of variety in items. Unfortunately Skyrim does not fix this problem either it is missing many weapon and armor types spears, crossbows, throwing weapons, and medium armors are all notably absent. While a lot of the unique quests are great I think radiant quests were a very bad idea that wasn't even implemented particularly well and resulted in a noticeably low count of actual quests. If you look at a list of quests in Skyrim you will most likely be very impressed but unfortunately half of those quests are "radiant" quests which are random infinitely repeatable quests with generic objectives. Once you get outside the faction/city quests or the main storyline the huge majority of quests you can take are these. There are a lot less actual unique quests replaced by these random ones that are completely generic. Overall even though Skyrim does have some problems I still enjoyed my time with it. The level design is superb and the combat is fun. Even though my review seems negative I did enjoy the game and put over 100 hours into it. It is a great game on it's own that doesn't live up to it's title.


Sonic's return to form!

JJH777 | July 14, 2012 | Review of Sonic Generations - PC

This is the best Sonic game since the genesis. This game is a mashup of all the best levels in sonic games. There is a 2d and 3d version of each level both of which are done very well. The game is of average length for a sonic game but it has a ton of re-playability. All of the levels have multiple paths to get through them. The soundtrack in this game is superb. There are a few problems with this game almost all the boss fights are very boring. The final boss in particular is something I never want to do again. Overall though this game represents a massive return to Sonic's glory days.