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Game of the year, if not two.

JKaas | Aug. 21, 2011 | Review of Borderlands - PC

First off, the 'negative' points about the game(Not that there are any, but to point out things that were less good about it ): I can only think of one or two things that disappointed me the slightest bit, where are, a very catching story line, which could've ended off better, and the lack of an effective class skill for the Hunter. When that has been said; Borderlands is most likely the best game I've played, and that has been released, the last two years. It is definitely a game that you should enjoy with either one mate, two, or three. The SP playthrough is fun, being done once, maybe twice, but add those few extra mates, and you can really start to play. This is a game that can, if it turns out to be in your liking, give you 200+ hours of game-play (Again, Co-op), and has given me such. You cannot possibly spend 15 Euro better, than on buying Borderlands. Also, look out for the sequel that is scheduled for year 2012! (Co-op. Tonnes of weaponry, in Borderlands, there's a weapon for every possible taste, humoristic characters and great DLC's. There's even a lot of potential fun with the driving of cars - Explore the mountains, climb things you hadn't thought of as possible - You'll find that it can be great fun too!)